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Learning Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Free Download Learning Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
Published 11/2023
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Join us to learn the fascinating properties of Technetium-99m and Fluorine-18 and how they function as diagnostic agents


Quantum Chemistry of Solids LCAO Treatment of Crystals and Nanostructures

Free Download Quantum Chemistry of Solids: LCAO Treatment of Crystals and Nanostructures by Robert A. Evarestov
English | PDF (True) | 2012 | 743 Pages | ISBN : 3642303552 | 12.8 MB
Quantum Chemistry of Solids delivers a comprehensive account of the main features and possibilities of LCAO methods for the first principles calculations of electronic structure of periodic systems. The first part describes the basic theory underlying the LCAO methods applied to periodic systems and the use of Hartree-Fock(HF), Density Function theory(DFT) and hybrid Hamiltonians. The translation and site symmetry consideration is included to establish connection between k-space solid -state physics and real-space quantum chemistry. The inclusion of electron correlation effects for periodic systems is considered on the basis of localized crystalline orbitals. The possibilities of LCAO methods for chemical bonding analysis in periodic systems are discussed.


Molecular Beams in Physics and Chemistry From Otto Stern’s Pioneering Exploits to Present-Day Feats

Free Download Molecular Beams in Physics and Chemistry: From Otto Stern’s Pioneering Exploits to Present-Day Feats by Bretislav Friedrich, Horst Schmidt-Böcking
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2021 | 639 Pages | ISBN : 3030639622 | 162.2 MB
This book gives a comprehensive account of both the history and current achievements of molecular beam research.


Solid-State Chemistry (De Gruyter Textbook)

Free Download Solid-State Chemistry
by Frank Hoffmann

English | 2023 | ISBN: 3110657244 | 382 pages | True PDF | 12.65 MB
This book invites you on a tour through the most relevant topics of solid-state chemistry. It provides an up-to-date overview about fascinating structures of inorganic matter and new research developments. The reader will also gain crucial insights into many aspects of material science, from ceramics to superconductors. One chapter is specifically dedicated to the most rapidly evolving field of material metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). The book contains a chapter which is often neglected in others due to its complexity, the intermetallic phases. A concise but very didactic introduction to crystallographic specifications ensures that the reader will gain a deeper understanding of the crystal structures presented in the book. The book places special emphasis on the graphical illustrations which were specifically designed to promote real insights into the structural features. Instead of having to decipher hard to distinguish graphics the reader has an eye-opening experience. A further added value is that many references to the original research publications are given which enables easy follow-up for more detailed study.


Principles of General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry, 3rd Edition

by Janice Gorzynski Smith

English | 2023 | ISBN: 126651712X | 743 pages | True PDF | 397.62 MB
Principles of General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry, 3e, is written for the 1-semester General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry course, for students pursuing careers in nursing, nutrition, environmental science, food science, and a wide variety of other health-related professions. This new edition is available in ALEKS, featuring:


Physical Science – Physics & Chemistry (QuickStudy Academic)

Free Download Physical Science – Physics and Chemistry
by Gardner, Jane;

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1423248961 | 6 pages | True PDF | 6.44 MB
Essential quick reference for a physical science class covering physics and chemistry which would generally be high school level or if combined with our Physical Science 2 guide, together would cover a college level Physical Science course. Expertly and succinctly written by author, STEM curriculum developer and professor Jane Parks Gardner, MSc, MScEd in an easily accessible outline format with color-coded sections. This 6-page laminated guide is overflowing with the facts you need to know to boost confidence, test scores and grades. The value at this price is unmatched for a study tool that can be a review and refresher through both high school and college.


Organic Chemistry, Twelfth Edition

Free Download Organic Chemistry
by Carey, Francis;Giuliano, Robert;

English | 2024 | ISBN: 126615924X | 1248 pages | True EPUB | 162.14 MB
Organic Chemistry has been designed to meet the needs of the two-semester, undergraduate organic chemistry course. This best-selling text gives students a solid understanding of organic chemistry by focusing on how fundamental reaction mechanisms function and reactions occur. The authors strive for students to have a deeper understanding of the physical concepts that underlie organic chemistry, and for them to have a broader knowledge of the role of organic chemistry in biological systems.