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Marie Claire 10 Years of Great Food

Michele Cranston, "Marie Claire: 10 Years of Great Food"
English | 2012 | pages: 400 | ISBN: 1742669743, 1742669832 | EPUB | 100,4 mb
Join Michele Cranston, award-winning food writer and stylist, on a journey that will transport you from an alfresco table in summer through to a wintery afternoon of comfort food. Along the way you will experience the fresh seasonal flavours that have always been associated with marie claire recipes. Simple, innovative and inspiring, this book brings together over 250 of Michele’s favourites – from Lemon and thyme lamb cutlets and Chicken and baby fig tagine to Summertime pavlova and Chocolate mousse cake. Layered with anecdotal tales and memories 10 Years of Great Food with Michele Cranston captures her passion and talent that form the core of these enticing recipes.


8Dio Claire Piccolo Flute Virtuoso KONTAKT

8Dio Claire Piccolo Flute Virtuoso KONTAKT | 4.6 GB
The Claire Woodwind Series is a deep-sampled collection of the finest virtuoso woodwind soloists ever sampled. These are highly playable instruments soared with true emotion, effortless and equilibristic behavior. Our Piccolo Flute Virtuoso is the most expressive, playable, and lifelike Bassoon ever sampled. The Piccolo Flute Virtuoso was recorded in a symphonic hall and contains three microphone positions (Close, Decca, Far). The core of the Bassoon is its highly advanced legato system, which contains both slow and fast legato. The legato system allows you to play legato with passionate arcs, sustains, staccatissimo, expressive marcato, and more. We recorded arcs with both non-vibrato, medium and strong vibrato, so you can freely sculpt your performance from the subtle to vibrant. In addition, we also added trills, runs, staccatissimo and even non-tonal effects like breaths, valve sounds, and natural click noises.


How to Get It Done by Claire Hayes, Instafo

How to Get It Done? by Claire Hayes, Instafo
English | [email protected] kbps | 33 min | 46.3 MB
An Open Letter to Those Overwhelmed Needing to Get Things Done Fast without Much TimeIf you’re someone who’s facing a great deal amount of panic, pressure, and procrastination and struggling to keep up with the daily demands of your job at work and even life at home – and among many other obligations, then consider this your intervention.Let’s cut straight to the chase, we are here to amplify your peak performance exponentially to the next level by harnessing the true profound power of productivity and time management – primarily when you least expect it.What do we mean by "when you least expect it"? It’s, for instance, when you receive a gargantuan list of tasks to do that completely caught you off guard the sudden last minute and don’t have time to plan like you normally would the night before.This is commonly the case if you work in fast-paced environments, where they require you to take immediate action and make the most important decisions all on your feet without the commodity of time and the safety net of planning."How to Get It Done?" is the quick resource guide for you or for others, uniquely providing solutions for those unaddressed aspects of "unplanned productivity" and "limited time." Here’s what you can discover to get done?* How to master multiple last-minute tasks with memory and physicality.* How to think creatively for ingenious ideas when needed the most.* How to charge your energy and your mind during the long hours.* How to navigate through chaos and handle unforeseen problems.* How to push yourself to your limits and break them always.That’s only a brief overview of the content contained within. "How to Get It Done?" will reveal some of the best unheard of step-by-step strategies with examples on productivity, problem solving, peak performance, time management, mental stamina, and more. Get it done and get more done – in order to get back to focusing on what you love and on what truly matters to you in life right now.