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Stylized Portrait Coloring Your Characters in Procreate

Free Download Stylized Portrait: Coloring Your Characters in Procreate
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If your look at an artwork without color, it looks incomplete. Color gives life and personality to an art piece, it’s also a way to express yourself as an artist. Coloring may definitely seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand the basics and continue to practice, coloring may just become one of your favorite parts in drawing. Hi I’m Beyonce Flores, a digital artist and in this class, I’ll be teaching you how to color life into your characters. So what are we going to learn in this class? Questions such as “Where do I start?” or “Am I even doing this right?” are natural. That’s why in thisn class, I’ve broken down everything you need to know into 3 main parts. Base Colors, Shading, and Highlights. Understanding these 3 points will definitely help you have an easier time in coloring. My goal in this class is to help you express yourself through colors and inspire you to develop your own style in coloring. Honestly, I can’t wait to start, so enough talk and let’s go!


Robin Wood Tarot Meditation and Coloring Book

Free Download Robin Wood Tarot Meditation and Coloring Book By Robin Wood
2017 | 171 Pages | ISBN: 0965298442 | PDF | 20 MB
A meditation/coloring book for the Robin Wood Tarot Deck. All the cards, the same size as the cards in the deck, each on a separate page so you can cut them out once you’ve colored them. (Or copy them to card stock before coloring; permission is granted when you buy the book.) Included is a brief description of each card, along with the Key for that card. Opposite each is a page where you can write notes about the card, if you’re not going to cut them out. (If you are, you’ll want your notes on a different page, since the notes page is the back of a card.) This is a fun study aid for students of the Tarot.