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Wholesale Couture London and Beyond, 1930-70

Free Download Liz Tregenza, "Wholesale Couture: London and Beyond, 1930-70"
English | ISBN: 1350245860 | 2023 | 248 pages | PDF | 35 MB
The first book to consider the subject, Wholesale Couture: London and Beyond, 1930-70 seeks to revise the notion that wholesale couturiers were simply copyists and demonstrate the complexities of their design processes and business strategies. This term has fallen out of usage; however, it was used to describe the pinnacle of the British ready-to-wear fashion industry between the 1930s and 1960s. Companies within this sector have typically been recognised as creators of high-quality copies of French haute couture, using ready-to-wear techniques.


Auburn Sounds Couture 1.7.0 (macOS/Linux)

Free Download Auburn Sounds Couture 1.7.0 (macOS / Linux) | 12.7 MB / 5.7 MB
Couture gives you exquisite control over your dynamics, and particularly attacks. Raw Efficiency. Increase or decrease dynamics. Get a usable result, now. Fully Volume-independent. Keep the freedom to change input gain when needed. Including the Saturation stage. Laser-sharp. Couture’s 2-bands, half-spectral, RMS, program-dependent detector finds each and every transient. No internal thresholds.