Free Download Leveling Crowds: Ethnonationalist Conflicts and Collective Violence in South Asia By Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah
1996 | 395 Pages | ISBN: 0520206428 | PDF | 4 MB
"In recent years much has been written about what Tambiah calls ‘the strange malformations’ that have resulted at the end of the twentieth century from complex combinations of nationalism, ethnicity, demands for self-determination, and social groups defining each other in terms of religious identity. No one, however, has analyzed how these factors lead to the violence that has become the characteristic of our time as brilliantly as Tambiah has in this remarkable book. His insights as a social science into the political and cultural history of South Asia are informed by a passionate humanism that gives us a new understanding of the dark tragedies of our time."-Ainslie Embree, Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University "Resolutely transgressing disciplinary and spatial boundaries, Tambiah offers a scholarly but accessible, a focused but wide-ranging analysis that places ethnicity on the borderlines of the old and the new, the past and the present, politics and culture…With uncanny skill, he turns the contemporary worry about ethnic politics and violence into a brilliant meditation on the history of nationalism, nation-states, and world-capitalism-in a word, modernity itself. No student of modernity, let alone ethnicity in South Asia and other regions, can afford to ignore this thoughtful inquiry into our modern history."-Gyan Prakash, Princeton University