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Bitraged – How to Trade Forex & Cryptocurrency Download 2023

Free Download Bitraged – How to Trade Forex & Cryptocurrency Download Links 2023
This course will teach you:
Simplicity with Technical Analysis
The market is often over complicated when in reality it’s quite simple. We’ll teach you how to see the market for what it truly is.
A Consistent Strategy
Anyone can make a few bucks trading but we’ll teach you how to consistently make a full-time income every single month.
Forex & Crypto
Interested in Forex as well as Cryptocurrency? We’ll teach you how to consistently and reliably trade both.


Signatures of Maturity in Cryptocurrency Market

Free Download Signatures of Maturity in Cryptocurrency Market by Stanisław Drożdż, Jarosław Kwapień, Marcin Wątorek
English | PDF | 2023 | 264 Pages | ISBN : 3036585745 | 21.4 MB
Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has experienced exponential expansion. Evolving from sets of transactions primarily conducted on Internet fora into a significant market valued at over 1.2 trillion USD as of August 2023, today cryptocurrency trading occurs 24/7 on more than 600 platforms. Despite its persistent volatility, recurrent speculation bubbles and subsequent market crashes, the trading characteristics of cryptocurrency exchanges are similar to those observed in mature financial markets. Recently, the correlation between the most frequently traded cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Etherereum, has increased significantly versus the stock indices and other financial assets, suggesting an emerging connectedness with the global financial markets. This Special Issue collected research studies that make steps towards developing a better understanding of cryptocurrency market, with a particular aim of confirming or denying the growing signs of market maturity. Most submissions focus on price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchanges and produce evidence of the cryptocurrency market’s evolution into a valid and interrelated component of the global financial markets. Interestingly, the events related to COVID-19 contributed to the intensification of this process. Some articles address the structure of the cryptocurrency market, including DeFi, the methods of obtaining consensus used, and the environmental impact of these transactions.


Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency and the Future of Digital Finance

Free Download Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency and the Future of Digital Finance
by Taherdoost Hamed

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1668483688 | 350 pages | True PDF EPUB | 20.06 MB
Money is no longer limited to physical currency or credit and debit cards; however, cryptocurrencies are emerging due to recent technological advancements. Financial markets have been revolutionized as a result of innovative technological trends. It seems that there is no way to evade embracing new trends in the financial markets; without them, we will be destined to fail. Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency and the Future of Digital Finance provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of current cryptocurrency-based payment methods aiming to leverage technology to create better financial services in different businesses. The book also discusses fintech, the cryptocurrency market, trading tips and techniques, brokers and how they work, digital wallets, analytical tools to pick cryptocurrencies, and risk management methods to leverage a secure investment in cryptocurrencies. Covering key topics such as digital money, trading, and financial technologies, this premier reference source is ideal for managers, business owners, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, scholars, instructors, and students.