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Waffen-SS Dutch, Belgian, and Danish Volunteers (Images of War)

Free Download Waffen-SS Dutch, Belgian, and Danish Volunteers (Images of War) by Ian Baxter
English | February 22, 2023 | ISBN: 1399087622 | 160 pages | EPUB | 21 Mb
Following the German invasion of the Soviet Union, numerous Dutchmen, Belgians and Danes volunteered for the Waffen-SS. The largest division, SS Volunteer Legion Netherlands operated in Yugoslavia and then Northern Russia. It was later re-designated 23rd SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nederland.


Danish Literature as World Literature

Free Download Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, "Danish Literature as World Literature "
English | ISBN: 1501310011 | 2017 | 296 pages | PDF | 2 MB
Despite being a minor language, Danish literature is one of the world’s most actively translated, and the Scandinavian country is the home of a number of significant writers. Hans Christian Andersen remains one of the most translated authors in the world, philosopher Søren Kierkegaard inspired modern Existentialism, Karen Blixen chronicled her life in colonial Kenya as well as writing imaginary, cosmopolitan tales, and the writers among the circles of literary critic Georg Brandes in the late 19th century were especially important to the further development of European Modernism.


The Making of Place and People in the Danish Metropolis A Sociohistory of Copenhagen North West

Free Download Christian Sandbjerg Hansen, "The Making of Place and People in the Danish Metropolis: A Sociohistory of Copenhagen North West "
English | ISBN: 036753505X | 2021 | 218 pages | EPUB | 3 MB
This book investigates the sociohistorical making of place and people in Copenhagen from around 1900 to the present day. Drawing inspiration from Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of social space and symbolic power, and from Loïc Wacquant’s hypothesis of advanced marginality and territorial stigmatisation, the book explores the genesis and development of the notorious neighbourhood of Copenhagen North West. As an extraordinary place, the North West provides an illustrative case of Danish welfare and urban history that questions the epitome on inclusive Copenhagen. Through detailed empirical analysis, the book spotlights three angles and entanglements of the social history of this area of Copenhagen: the production of socio-spatial constructions and authoritative categorisations of the neighbourhood, especially by the state and the media; the local social pedagogical interventions and symbolic boundary drawings by welfare agencies in the neighbourhood; and the residents’ subjective experiences of place, social divisions and (dis)honour. In this way,