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Asteroid and Space Debris Manipulation

Free Download Massimiliano Vasile and Edmondo Minisci, "Asteroid and Space Debris Manipulation "
English | ISBN: 1624103235 | 2016 | 540 pages | PDF | 44 MB
Asteroid and Space Debris Manipulation features material initially developed for lectures presented at the opening school of Stardust, a training and research network devoted to developing and mastering techniques for asteroid and space debris monitoring, removal/deflection, and exploitation. The book covers a range of topics and disciplines developed within Stardust and provides a mixture of fundamental material, practical applications, and examples of key enabling technologies for the future.


Space Debris Models and Risk Analysis

Free Download Space Debris: Models and Risk Analysis by Heiner Klinkrad
English | 2006 | ISBN: 354025448X | 430 Pages | PDF | 15.7 MB
The future evolution of the debris environment will be forecast on the basis of traffic models and possible hazard mitigation practices.