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A Degree in a Book Philosophy Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject … In One Book!

Free Download A Degree in a Book: Philosophy: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject … In One Book! By Peter Gibson
2018 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 1788883276 | EPUB | 4 MB
Filled with beautiful full colour diagrams and illustrated throughout, Degree in a Book: Philosophy is a perfect introduction for students and laypeople alike.With mind maps for each chapter, definition boxes, easily digestible features on the history of philosophy and suggestions for further reading, it provides you with everything you need to understand the fundamental issues. Learning philosophy has never been easier.Including ideas from Aristotle and Zeno to Descartes and Wittgenstein, it covers the whole range of western thought.By the time you finish reading this book, you will be able to answer questions like:* What is truth?* What can I really know?* How can I live a moral life?* Do I have free will?


The Degree Generation The Making of Unequal Graduate Lives

Free Download Nicola Ingram, "The Degree Generation: The Making of Unequal Graduate Lives"
English | ISBN: 152920884X | 2023 | 212 pages | PDF | 9 MB
What are the challenges for the current generation of graduate millennials? The role of universities and the changing nature of the graduate labour market are constantly in the news, but less is known about the experiences of those going through it. This book traces the transition to the graduate labour market of a cohort of middle-class and working-class young people who were tracked through seven years of their undergraduate and post-graduation lives. Using personal stories and voices, the book provides fascinating insights into the group’s experience of graduate employment and how their life-course transitions are shaped by their social backgrounds and education. Critically evaluating current government and university policies, it shows the attitudes and values of this generation towards their hopes and aspirations on employment, political attitudes and cultural practices.


Seeing Degree Zero BarthesBurgin and Political Aesthetics

Free Download Ryan Bishop, "Seeing Degree Zero: Barthes/Burgin and Political Aesthetics "
English | ISBN: 1474431410 | 2019 | 456 pages | PDF | 45 MB
In the fields of literature and the visual arts, ‘zero degree’ represents a neutral aesthetic situated in response to, and outside of, the dominant cultural order. Taking Roland Barthes’ 1953 book Writing Degree Zero as just one starting point, this volume examines the historical, theoretical and visual impact of the term and draws directly upon the editors’ ongoing collaboration with artist and writer Victor Burgin. The book is composed of key chapters by the editors and Burgin, a series of collaborative texts with Burgin and four commissioned essays concerned with the relationship between Barthes and Burgin in the context of the spectatorship of art. It includes an in-depth dialogue regarding Burgin’s long-term reading of Barthes and a lengthy image-text, offering critical exploration of the Image (in echo of earlier theories of the Text). Also included are translations of two projections works by Burgin, ‘Belledonne’ and ‘Prairie’, which work alongside and inform the collected essays. Overall, the book provides a combined reading of both Barthes and Burgin, which in turn leads to new considerations of visual culture, the spectatorship of art and the political aesthetic.