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Different Faces of Attachment Cultural Variations on a Universal Human Need

Free Download Hiltrud Otto, "Different Faces of Attachment: Cultural Variations on a Universal Human Need"
English | ISBN: 1107027748 | 2014 | 338 pages | PDF | 4 MB
Attachment between an infant and his or her parents is a major topic within developmental psychology. An increasing number of psychologists, evolutionary biologists and anthropologists are articulating their doubts that attachment theory in its present form is applicable worldwide, without, however, denying that the development of attachment is a universal need. This book brings together leading scholars from psychology, anthropology and related fields to reformulate attachment theory in order to fit the cultural realities of our world. Contributions are based on empirical research and observation in a variety of cultural contexts. They are complemented by careful evaluation and deconstruction of many of the underlying premises and assumptions of attachment theory and of conventional research on the role of infant-parent attachment in human development. The book creates a contextual cultural understanding of attachment that will provide the basis for a groundbreaking reconceptualization of attachment theory.


Chain Different Languages

Free Download Chain: Different Languages By Juliana Spahr, Jena Osman
1998 | 302 Pages | ISBN: 0966630300 | PDF | 86 MB
A special issue of the journal Chain which is devoted to works in more than one language. Includes work Nicole Brossard, Diane Glancy, Myung Mi Kim, and Xu Bing among others.


The Steppe Nomads The History of the Different Nomadic Groups and Their Raids into Europe [Audiobook]

Free Download The Steppe Nomads: The History of the Different Nomadic Groups and Their Raids into Europe (Audiobook)
English | ISBN: 9798868761676 | 2024 | 6 hours and 42 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 372 MB
Author: Charles River Editors
Narrator: Bill Caufield

Though history is usually written by the victors, the lack of a particularly strong writing tradition from the Mongols ensured that history was largely written by those who they vanquished. Because of this, their portrayal in the West and the Middle East has been extraordinarily (and in many ways unfairly) negative for centuries, at least until recent revisions to the historical record. The Mongols have long been depicted as wild horse-archers galloping out of the dawn to rape, pillage, murder and enslave, but the Mongol army was a highly sophisticated, minutely organized and incredibly adaptive and innovative institution, as witnessed by the fact that it was successful in conquering enemies who employed completely different weaponry and different styles of fighting, from Chinese armored infantry to Middle Eastern camel cavalry and Western knights and men-at-arms. Geographically the Tatars descend from several parts of Asia, particularly Central Asia, but the Crimean region has been the nexus of several great power rivalries and numerous conflicts.


A Different Kind of Black and White Visual Thinking as Epistemic Development in Professional Education Paperback – July

Free Download Prue Bramwell-Davis, "A Different Kind of Black and White: Visual Thinking as Epistemic Development in Professional Education Paperback – July"
English | ISBN: 1443877093 | 2015 | 358 pages | PDF | 10 MB
Why should we continue to draw by hand when computers and photography can do it for us? Freehand drawing is currently enjoying a widespread renaissance. In this path-breaking study, the act of drawing is explored as a way to foster epistemic development and wise thinking skills. Drawing exposes the connecting processes of perception, by which we make sense of the world, creating and using systems of classification which ultimately create boundaries. By exploring the relationships between metaphor, the mental activity fundamental to language, and the coordination of hand and eye essential for drawing, such categories can be dissolved through the development of visual intelligence. This book discusses approaches to epistemic development in relation to experiential learning, citing students descriptions of their encounters with ways of knowing based on value judgments rather than the perceived safety of facts. Chapters on prehistoric cave art and early medieval practices of the art of memory provide further insights into what it means to draw, and what a drawing is. A chapter on the history of engineering education discusses the narrowing effects of abstract and theoretical approaches to knowledge at the expense of practical skill and experience. The study was developed in the setting of a postgraduate industrial design course for engineers at the Royal College of Art, London, but its concerns and recommendations, including a wealth of teaching ideas, apply wherever professional practitioners have to make judgments involving conflicting ideas. Its insights hint at a deeper role for the university, taking postgraduates beyond the narrow instrumentalist training agendas favoured by current government policies, to a larger vision of the meaning of professional development.


Edge Intelligent Computing Systems in Different Domains

Free Download Edge Intelligent Computing Systems in Different Domains
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031494717 | 174 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 12 MB
This book provides a comprehensive and systematic exploration of next-generation Edge Intelligence (EI) Networks. It delves deep into the critical design considerations within this context, emphasizing the necessity for functional and dependable interactions between networking strategies and the diverse application scenarios. This should help assist to encompass a wide range of environments.


A Different Land

Free Download Paul Jennings, "A Different Land"
English | 2020 | pages: 128 | ISBN: 1760528722, 1910646490 | EPUB | 9,3 mb
Christopher is 12,000 miles from home. The pub has a dirt floor and the owner is as rough as guts. The forest hides snakes, feral pigs and a dark secret. Mysterious, bold, and strange. Expect the unexpected. And watch your step. Enter this place and you will be different for ever. A twisting tale from Australia’s master storyteller.