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World Directors in Dialogue Conversations on Cinema

Bert Cardullo, "World Directors in Dialogue: Conversations on Cinema"
English | 2011 | pages: 274 | ISBN: 0810877783 | PDF | 5,0 mb
Focusing on practical matters related to filmmaking-acting, design, cinematography, directing, writing, and editing, World Directors in Dialogue: Conversations on Cinema collects probing interviews with 13 major international directors. Representing Italy, France, Belgium, England, Iran, China, India, and Japan, these artists answer questions about how they work, the meanings of their movies, and the relationship of their pictures to other directors’ films as well as to other arts.


Boards of Directors in Disruptive Times

Boards of Directors in Disruptive Times: Improving Corporate Governance Effectiveness
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1009165801 | 411 Pages | PDF | 2 MB
The current business context of disruptive, accelerated change requires a new framework for understanding how boards of directors can best support their organizations. In this book, Professor Jordi Canals presents a new model of effective governance, positioning the board of directors as the steward of the firm’s future development, and focusing on the notion of corporate purpose. Canals argues that boards of directors should focus on strategy and corporate transformation, CEO and senior management development and succession, the board and the firm’s culture, the board as a team, the engagement of shareholders and critical stakeholders, and the firm’s overall impact. Moreover, for boards to be effective, directors must develop new competencies. Drawing on well-grounded theory and international case studies, this book outlines a new, holistic model of boards of directors, offering a pathway to effective governance that will enhance companies’ reputation and success.