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Rethinking South China Sea Disputes The Untold Dimensions and Great Expectations

Free Download Katherine Tseng, "Rethinking South China Sea Disputes: The Untold Dimensions and Great Expectations "
English | ISBN: 1138576956 | 2017 | 176 pages | EPUB | 598 KB
The proposed book draws on the on-going South China Sea dispute, and the multifaceted challenges wrought by the South China Sea issue that requires an inter-disciplinary perspective. It employs legal-analytical methods, to emphasize the nuances of the role and interpretation of international law and treaties by China in different periods, while taking into account policy and strategic concerns, which generally cast great sways in decision-making. The re-introduction of interdisciplinary concerns straddling law and history illustrates that the historical dimension, which has long been neglected, is an emerging concern that poses looming dangers that may unexpectedly radicalize the friction. Contributing to debunking the mystique wrought by confrontations between a historical and a law-dominated perspective, these perspectives are supported by a more nuanced analytical framework, featuring theoretical concerns with a tinge of practicality.


Mediating High Conflict Disputes

Free Download Bill Eddy LCSW Esq., "Mediating High Conflict Disputes"
English | ISBN: 1950057216 | 2021 | 234 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
High conflict mediation requires a paradigm shift from traditional mediation―high conflict experts Bill Eddy and Michael Lomax show you how.