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Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations Dissecting a Layered Global Player Ed 3

Free Download Henri de Waele, "Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations: Dissecting a Layered Global Player Ed 3"
English | ISBN: 3662675927 | 2023 | 234 pages | PDF | 4 MB
This volume offers a concise yet thorough picture of the principles of EU external relations law. By carefully examining the role of the Union on the global scene, it aims to provide a systematic overview of the relevant rules and competences, reflecting on the legal developments in their political and societal context. The book contains up-to-date analyses of inter alia the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the Common Security and Defence Policy and the Common Commercial Policy. Moreover, it devotes specific attention to the EU’s external powers as regard the environment, fundamental rights and development cooperation. In addition, it includes a dedicated chapter exploring the relations with neighbouring countries, as well as one that elucidates the complex interplay between rules of domestic, European and international provenance. One of the work’s key assets is how reflections on the law are interwoven with, and supplemented by, insights from adjacent disciplines likeinternational studies, political science, and public administration.


Dissecting Stephen King From the Gothic to Literary Naturalism

Free Download Dissecting Stephen King: From the Gothic to Literary Naturalism by Heidi Strengell
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0299209741 | 308 Pages | PDF | 48.9 MB
Bridging gaps between intellectual history, biography, and military/colonial history, Barnett Singer and John Langdon provide a challenging, readable interpretation of French imperialism and some of its leading figures from the early modern era through the Fifth Republic.