Drowsiness Detection Using Image Processing By Hanojhan Rajahrajasingh
2019 | 60 Pages | ISBN: 3346082237 | PDF | 3 MB
Bachelor Thesis from the year 2019 in the subject Engineering – Robotics, grade: 78, University of Sunderland, language: English, abstract: This report explains the final project, driver drowsiness detection system. When a driver doesn’t get proper rest, they fall asleep while driving and this leads to fatal accidents. This particular issue demands a solution in the form of a system that is capable of detecting drowsiness and to take necessary actions to avoid accidents. The detection is achieved with three main steps, it begins with face detection and facial feature detection using the famous Viola Jones algorithm followed by eye tracking. By the use of correlation coefficient template matching, the eyes are tracked. Whether the driver is awake or asleep is identified by matching the extracted eye image with the externally fed template (open eyes and closed eyes) based on eyes opening and eyes closing, blinking is recognized. If the driver falling asleep state remains above a specific time (the threshold time) the vehicles stops and an alarm is activated by the use of a specific microcontroller, in this prototype an Arduino is used.