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Geometric Paper Embroidery Construct, Colour and Stitch a Simple Pattern on Paper

Free Download Geometric Paper Embroidery: Construct, Colour and Stitch a Simple Pattern on Paper
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Are you looking for a new technique to add a little something more to your artworks on paper? Perhaps you’ve come across paper stitching before and you’re wondering how it’s done?  In this class, I will be teaching you the basics of how to embroider simple patterns onto. watercolour paper!  Hi, I’m Clarissa, a geometric artist and experienced teacher, based in the UK. In my own creative practice I enjoy experimenting with different mixed media techniques to enhance the underlying geometry of my artworks. One of my all time favourite techniques is paper stitching. This slow, meditative process adds a delicate, tactile finish to elevate even the most simple designs.


A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery Designs Textures Stitches

Free Download J. Beaney, "A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery: Designs * Textures * Stitches"
English | ISBN: 0713482621 | 2003 | 144 pages | EPUB | 36 MB
With the combined talents of two innovative embroiderers, this is an inspiring source of color, pattern design, stitch and texture which will encourage others to create their own rewarding pieces. Includes 180 color photograaphs and 30 b/w illustrations.