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Uproarious How Feminists and Other Subversive Comics Speak Truth

Free Download Uproarious: How Feminists and Other Subversive Comics Speak Truth By Cynthia Willett, Julie Willett
2019 | 224 Pages | ISBN: 1517908280 | PDF | 2 MB
A radical new approach to humor, where traditional targets become its agents Humor is often dismissed as cruel ridicule or harmless fun. But what if laughter is a vital force to channel rage against patriarchy, Islamophobia, or mass incarceration? To create moments of empathy and dialogue between Black Lives Matter and the police? These and other such questions are at the heart of this powerful reassessment of humor. Placing theorists in conversation with comedians, Uproarious offers a full-frontal approach to the very foundation of comedy and its profound political impact. Here Cynthia Willett and Julie Willett address the four major theories of humor-superiority, relief, incongruity, and social play-through the lens of feminist and game-changing comics such as Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Hannah Gadsby, Hari Kondabolu, and Tig Notaro. They take a radical and holistic approach to the understanding of humor, particularly of humor deployed by those from groups long relegated to the margins, and propose a powerful new understanding of humor as a force that can engender politically progressive social movements. Drawing on a range of cross-disciplinary sources, from philosophies and histories of humor to the psychology and physiology of laughter to animal studies, Uproarious offers a richer understanding of the political and cathartic potential of humor. A major new contribution to a wider dialogue on comedy, Uproarious grounds for us explorations of outsider humor and our golden age of feminist comics-showing that when women, prisoners, even animals, laugh back, comedy along with belly laughs forge new identities and alter the political climate.


Feminists, Feminisms, and Advertising Some Restrictions Apply

Free Download Kim Golombisky, "Feminists, Feminisms, and Advertising: Some Restrictions Apply"
English | ISBN: 1498528260 | 2017 | 408 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Women and advertising are both globally ubiquitous. Yet advertising remains one of the most unabashedly misogynist, heterosexist, and racist industries. This edited volume of original unpublished chapters is the first ever to offer explicitly feminist views on advertising. Feminists, Feminisms, and Advertising provides feminist analyses of the historical relationships between the advertising industry and the women’s movement in the United States. Contributors consider the ways that advertisers encode race, ethnicity, gender, and heteronormativity into advertising practices and messages exported around the world. They further explore the ways that intersectional audiences such as women of color, Latinas, and lesbian and gay audiences decode, reinterpret, resist, and subvert advertising. With this book, the editors and contributors address the present lack of feminist scholarship, research, knowledge, or curriculum in advertising, and begin a more honest dialogue about diversity and intersectional gender in the advertising academy as well as the advertising industry.


The Women of NOW How Feminists Built an Organization That Transformed America [Audiobook]

Free Download The Women of NOW: How Feminists Built an Organization That Transformed America (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BK338T5R | 2023 | 12 hours and 55 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 372 MB
Author: Katherine Turk
Narrator: Kimberly M. Wetherell

The history of NOW-its organization, trials, and revolutionary mission-told through the work of three members. In the summer of 1966, crammed into a DC hotel suite and passing paper cups of liquor, twenty-eight women hatched a revolutionary plan. Betty Friedan, the well-known author of The Feminine Mystique, and Pauli Murray, a lawyer at the front lines of the civil rights movement, had quietly pulled away attendees from the State Womens’ Commissions annual conference. Frustrated with government inertia, they laid out a vision for an organization to unite and advocate for all women. Inspired, challenged, skeptical, they debated the idea late into the night and the next day. By the end of the conference, the National Organization of Women was born.


Revolutionary Feminists The Women’s Liberation Movement in Seattle

Free Download Barbara Winslow, "Revolutionary Feminists: The Women’s Liberation Movement in Seattle"
English | ISBN: 147801721X | 2023 | 248 pages | PDF | 6 MB
Revolutionary Feminists tells the story of the radical women’s liberation movement in Seattle in the 1960s and 1970s from the perspective of a founding member, Barbara Winslow. Drawing on her collection of letters, pamphlets, and photographs as well as newspaper accounts, autobiographies, and interviews, Winslow emphasizes the vital role that Black women played in the women’s liberation movement to create meaningful intersectional coalitions in an overwhelmingly White city. Winslow brings the voices and visions of those she calls the movement’s "ecstatic utopians" to life. She charts their short-term successes and lasting achievements, from organizing women at work and campaigning for subsidized childcare to creating women-centered rape crisis centers, health clinics, and self-defense programs. The Seattle movement was essential to winning the first popular vote in the United States to liberalize abortion laws. Despite these achievements, Winslow critiques the failure of the movement’s White members to listen to Black, Latina, Indigenous, and Asian American and Pacific Islander feminist activists. Reflecting on the Seattle movement’s accomplishments and shortcomings, Winslow offers a model for contemporary feminist activism.