Free Download Warships of the Soviet Fleets, 1939-1945: Naval Auxiliaries by Przemyslaw Budzbon, Jan Radziemski, Marek Twardowski
English | August 31, 2023 | ISBN: 1399022814 | 320 pages | PDF (Converted) | 49 Mb
Seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War the details of Soviet ships, their activities and fates remain an enigma to the West. In wartime such information was classified and after a brief period of glasnost ("openness") the Russian state has again restricted access to historical archives. Therefore, the value – and originality – of this work is difficult to exaggerate. It sees the first publication of reliable data on both the seagoing fleets and riverine flotillas of the Soviet Navy, listing over 6,200 vessels from battleships to river gunboats, and mercantile conversions as well as purpose-built warships.