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Introduction to Fluorescence Sensing Volume 1 Materials and Devices (2024)

Free Download Introduction to Fluorescence Sensing Volume 1: Materials and Devices by Alexander P. Demchenko
English | EPUB | 2020 | 673 Pages | ISBN : 3030601544 | 103.4 MB
This book provides systematic knowledge of basic principles in the design of fluorescence sensing and imaging techniques together with critical analysis of recent developments. Fluorescence is the most popular technique in chemical and biological sensing because of its ultimate sensitivity, high temporal and spatial resolution and versatility that enables imaging within the living cells.


Practical Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Free Download Zygmunt (Karol) Gryczynski, Ignacy Gryczynski, "Practical Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
English | 2020 | pages: 793 | ISBN: 1032337370, 1439821690 | PDF | 209,4 mb
Presenting a detailed, hands-on approach to fluorescence spectroscopy, this book describes experiments that cover basic spectroscopy and advanced aspects of fluorescence spectroscopy. It emphasizes practical guidance, providing background on fundamental concepts as well as guidance on how to handle artifacts, avoid common errors, and interpret data. Nearly 150 experiments from biophysics, biochemistry, and the biomedical sciences demonstrate how methods are applied in practical applications. The result is a hands-on guide to the most important aspects of fluorescence spectroscopy, from steady-state fluorescence to advanced time-resolved fluorescence.


Single Molecule Sensing Beyond Fluorescence

Free Download Single Molecule Sensing Beyond Fluorescence
English | 2022 | ISBN: 3030903389 | 426 Pages | True EPUB | 70 MB
This book provides an interesting snapshot of recent advances in the field of single molecule nanosensing. The ability to sense single molecules, and to precisely monitor and control their motion is crucial to build a microscopic understanding of key processes in nature, from protein folding to chemical reactions. Recently a range of new techniques have been developed that allow single molecule sensing and control without the use of fluorescent labels. This volume provides an overview of recent advances that take advantage of micro- and nanoscale sensing technologies and provide the prospect for rapid future progress. The book endeavors to provide basic introductions to key techniques, recent research highlights, and an outlook on big challenges in the field and where it will go in future. It is a valuable contribution to the field of single molecule nanosensing and it will be of great interest to graduates and researchers working in this topic.