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Super Intelligence Binaural Beats Focus & Memory Music Improve Your Memory & Concentration [Audiobook]

Free Download Super Intelligence: Binaural Beats Focus & Memory Music: Improve Your Memory & Concentration (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BW4YSXYR | 2023 | 9 hours and 56 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 281 MB
Author: Binaural Beats Focus & Memory Music
Narrator: Binaural Beats Focus & Memory Music

Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply. Close your eyes and visualize yourself finishing your work, getting the grades you desire, getting to summer and not being worried, visualize what you want, visualize relaxation and hope. It will be okay, you will pass, you have been putting work in, the fact that you chose to listen to this audiobook shows you care enough to take the first step to concentrate. You can do it. Say "I can do it. I WILL do it. NOW." This study and focus music is ideal instrumental music to help you study, focus and relax before that big test, presentation or exam. It can help you with memory retention if you are studying for a test, finishing your homework or just listening as work music. Keep focused with this ambient study music.


How to Focus (Mindfulness Essentials)

Free Download How to Focus (Mindfulness Essentials) by Thich Nhat Hanh
English | July 19, 2022 | ISBN: 1952692172 | 98 pages | PDF | 4.73 Mb
The simple, refreshing meditations of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh give us the tools to cultivate concentration. Practicing mindfulness brings concentration, and concentration brings insight and understanding.


NEVER LOSE FOCUS Motivate your inner self, how to pay attention and overcome distraction Setting goals

Free Download NEVER LOSE FOCUS: Motivate your inner self, how to pay attention and overcome distraction: Setting goals by Sam Charles Gottman
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BQ4VHNYH | 85 pages | EPUB | 0.17 Mb
Distraction is an issue and one’s getting more hard to survive. In a world loaded up with eye catching applications and PC pop-ups our capacity to focus on any one thing for extremely lengthy is quickly being dissolved. What’s the significance here? It implies on the off chance that you can dominate a system to conquer distraction you will stand separated from your partners and accomplish your most noteworthy objectives. Peruse on to figure out how to become indistractable.


Therapeutic Platform of Bioactive Lipids Focus on Cancer

Free Download Therapeutic Platform of Bioactive Lipids: Focus on Cancer
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1774910845 | 322 Pages | PDF (True) | 25 MB
Bioactive lipid metabolism and signaling are now widely accepted as major players in cancer biology. This volume helps to fill the urgent need to explore and investigate the innovations, current shortcomings, and future challenges of cancer therapy through the bioactive lipids by presenting new research on the use of bioactive lipids as effective weapons against cancer. The volume introduces the subject and then goes on to cover the chemistry, formulation, and mechanism of bioactive lipids in cancer.


Brainhacker Master Memory, Focus, Emotions, and More to Unleash the Genius Within [Audiobook]

Free Download Brainhacker: Master Memory, Focus, Emotions, and More to Unleash the Genius Within (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BWX2SZMS | 2023 | 8 hours and 21 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 239 MB
Author: Dave Farrow
Narrator: Michael Butler Murray

If you feel like your brain is "glitching," or working against you, know that you’re not stuck with the brain biology gave you. An upgrade is possible. In Brainhacker, you’ll learn how to "rewire" your brain and boost its power. David Farrow helps you get inside your own head and call the shots, with concrete exercises and tips to train your brain to work for you. These tricks can instantly boost your memory, improve your reading speed, help you push away pain, and form life-changing habits that actually last-with techniques as simple as a hand movement or a little bit of imagination.


Brain Training Improve Focus, Self Confidence Learn How to Think Faster. Discover Your Unlimited Memory Potential [Audiobook]

Brain Training: Improve Focus, Self Confidence and Learn How to Think Faster. Discover Your Unlimited Memory Potential (Audiobook)
English | ISBN: 9798368961385 | 2023 | 4 hours and 10 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 231 MB
Author: Luke Nepot
Narrator: Shanelle Sound

Would you like to know how your brain can expand and learn new skills by improving? Would you like to know and apply scientific methods to improve your memory, problem-solving and attention? "Brain Training" it will give you the information you are looking for, making you aware of the potential that you did not know you had. Brain training (additionally called psychological preparing) is a program of standard exercises implied to keep up or improve one’s subjective capacities. The expression "psychological capacity" for the most part eludes to segments of liquid insight, for example, official capacity and working memory.