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Zombified Real-World Lessons from Fictional Apocalypses [TTC Audio]

Free Download Zombified: Real-World Lessons from Fictional Apocalypses [TTC Audio]
English | October 03, 2023 | ASIN: B0CJMR7YCZ | M4B@128 kbps | 2h 33m | 139 MB
Lecturer: Athena Aktipis
You watch a horror movie or TV series and think, "Zombies don’t really exist." But when you consider the broader definition of zombification-the control of one entity by another-then zombies are definitely among us. And, it turns out, they have much to teach us about the world.


The Roman Empire From Augustus to the Fall of Rome [TTC Audio]

Free Download The Roman Empire: From Augustus to the Fall of Rome [TTC Audio]
English | January 11, 2019 | ASIN: B07MKS1PV1 | M4B@64 kbps | 12h 41m | 393 MB
Lecturer: Gregory S. Aldrete
When Octavian, who took the title of Augustus as the first emperor of Rome, defeated Mark Antony to become the sole ruler of the Roman world, it was a major turning point in Western civilization. Not only did his decades-long rule completely transform the old Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, but it also profoundly shaped the culture and history of our world today. The Roman Empire: From Augustus to the Fall of Rome traces this breathtaking history from the empire’s foundation by Augustus to its Golden Age in the 2nd century CE through a series of ever-worsening crises until its ultimate disintegration.


The Backwoods of Everywhere Words from a Wandering Local [Audiobook]

Free Download R. E. Burrillo, Kyle Burrow (Narrator), "The Backwoods of Everywhere: Words from a Wandering Local"
English | ASIN: B0CTB4J6MX | 2024 | MP3@64 kbps | ~09:35:00 | 272 MB
Throughout personal essays spiked with humor and natural science, archaeologist R. E. Burrillo widens his range beyond his popular Behind the Bears Ears.
After an upstate New York childhood and a bartending stint in New Orleans’s French Quarter, seasonal resort work led R. E. Burrillo to the desert Southwest, whose redrock landscapes were a source of stability through mental and physical illness. In The Backwoods of Everywhere, archaeologist Burrillo excavates his past, examining Indigenous and tourist cultures, the complexities of American archaeology, and what it means to be a local. From the ancient canal systems of Phoenix, Arizona, to the modern Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula, to the depths of the Grand Canyon, Burrillo brings listeners on an entertaining romp chock-full of history, ecology, cultural preservation, and personal stories.