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Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation for Energy Utilization in Fuel Combustion

Free Download Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation for Energy Utilization in Fuel Combustion
English | 2023 | ISBN: 9811983100 | 177 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 18 MB
This book is in the field of Engineering Thermophysics. It first introduces the authors’ academic thoughts of photo-thermal energy cascade conversion in the fuel combustion. Afterward, a series of thermal radiation theories and models have been developed based on the aim of radiative energy utilization, including spectral radiation available energy theory, gas radiation model under complex combustion conditions, and calculation model of radiation available energy transfer in combustion medium. Based on simulation and experimental results, the radiative energy characteristics of different fuel combustion are introduced. This book develops the radiation theory of the combustion process from a new perspective, integrating theories, models, and experimental results. This book can be used as a reference for scientists, engineers, and graduate students engaged in energy environment, combustion, and thermal radiation.


Fundamentals of Cosmology

Free Download Fundamentals of Cosmology by James Rich
English | PDF (True) | 2001 | 311 Pages | ISBN : 3642074618 | 28.16 MB
This is a textbook intended for students and researchers who wish to under stand the physics of standard "big bang" cosmology and how it is used to interpret the most recent observations. It is based on courses given over the last seven years to beginning graduate students at the University of Paris and to advanced undergraduates at l’Ecole Poly technique. Since the great major ity of these students did not intend to become professional cosmologists, I have emphasized subjects that should be of general interest. Progress in observations over the last ten years has been truly astounding and a new textbook might be justified simply to report on recent break throughs. The traditional successes of modern cosmology are well-known. Among these are the dynamical understanding of the universal expansion, the prediction of the cosmic microwave background radiation, and the calculation of the abundances of the light elements. To these we can add new observa tions that suggest that we are beginning the era of "precision cosmology.


Fundamentals in Information Theory and Coding

Free Download Fundamentals in Information Theory and Coding by Monica Borda
English | PDF (True) | 2011 | 504 Pages | ISBN : 3642203469 | 5.08 MB
The work introduces the fundamentals concerning the measure of discrete information, the modeling of discrete sources without and with a memory, as well as of channels and coding. The understanding of the theoretical matter is supported by many examples. One particular emphasis is put on the explanation of Genomic Coding. Many examples throughout the book are chosen from this particular area and several parts of the book are devoted to this exciting implication of coding.