The Alhambra and the Generalife. Official guide By Aa.Vv.
2010 | 350 Pages | ISBN: 8492441127 | PDF | 160 MB
The Alhambra, one of the most-visited places in Spain, was declared a Monument in 1870, shortly after the enactment of Spain’s first Monuments Law. Long before that, however, it was the subject of interest of all the travellers visiting the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1984 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, a well-deserved recognition of its interesting historical, aesthetic and natural treasures. The Monumental Complex – which comprises the area enclosed by its walls, the land where the Generalife is located, and the large surrounding area where there are buildings as well as the remains of other constructions historically associated with the Alhambra – is a unique place in the world. Not only does the Monument never disappoint those who visit it, visitors take away with them the feeling of needing to visit it again and again.. NOTA: El libro no está en español, sino en inglés.