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Who Gets In and Why A Year Inside College Admissions (2024)

Free Download Jeffrey Selingo, "Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions"
English | 2020 | pages: 320 | ISBN: 1982116293, 1982116307 | EPUB | 2,5 mb
From award-winning higher education journalist and New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Selingo comes a revealing look from inside the admissions office-one that identifies surprising strategies that will aid in the college search.


It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track

Free Download Ian Penman, "It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track"
English | 2019 | pages: 192 | ISBN: 1804270113, 1910695874 | EPUB | 0,2 mb
When all else fails, when our compass is broken, there is one thing some of us have come to rely on: music really can give us a sense of something like home. WithIt Gets Me Home, This Curving Track, legendary music critic Ian Penman reaches for a vanished moment in musical history when cultures collided and a certain kind of cross-generational and ‘cross-colour’ awareness was born. His cast of characters includes the Mods, James Brown, Charlie Parker, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, John Fahey, Steely Dan and Prince – black artists who were innovators, and white musicians who copied them for the mainstream. In "prose that glides and shimmies and pivots on risky metaphors, low puns and highbrow reference points" (Brian Dillon,frieze), Ian Penman’s first book in twenty years is cause for celebration.