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Heads & Tails (Dog Books, Books About Dogs, Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers)

Free Download Carli Davidson, "Heads & Tails: (Dog Books, Books About Dogs, Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers)"
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1452151377 | EPUB | pages: 20 | 1.9 mb
From wet noses to fuzzy paws, babies and toddlers will love learning the parts of the body from the adorable dogs and puppies in Heads & Tails. With lively images from the lens of expert animal photographer Carli Davidson, this sturdy book is perfect for the very youngest readers-and fun for the whole family.


Functional Heads Across Time Syntactic Reanalysis and Change

Free Download Barbara Egedi, "Functional Heads Across Time: Syntactic Reanalysis and Change "
English | ISBN: 0198871538 | 2022 | 304 pages | PDF | 5 MB
This volume explores the role that functional elements play in syntactic change and investigates the semantic and functional features that are the driving force behind those changes. Structural developments are explained in terms of the reanalysis of parts of the functional sequences in the clausal, nominal, and adpositional domains, through changes in parameter settings and feature specifications. The chapters discuss ‘microdiachronic’ syntactic changes that often have implications for large-scale syntactic effects, such as word order variation, the emergence (and lexicalization) of syntactic projections, grammaticalization, and changes in information-structural properties. The volume contains both case studies of individual languages, such as German, Hungarian, and Romanian, and detailed investigations of cross-linguistic phenomena, based primarily on digital corpora of historical and dialectal data.


Prosecuting Heads of State

Free Download Prosecuting Heads of State By Lutz, Ellen L(Editor);Reiger, Caitlin
2009 | 326 Pages | ISBN: 0521491096 | PDF | 2 MB
Since 1990, 67 former heads of state or government have been legitimately prosecuted for serious human rights or financial crimes. Many of these leaders were brought to trial in reasonably free and fair judicial processes, and some served time in prison as a result. This book explores the reasons for the meteoric rise in trials of senior leaders and the motivations, public dramas, and intrigues that accompanied efforts to bring them to justice. Drawing on an analysis of the 67 cases, the book examines the emergence of regional trends in Europe and Latin America and contains eight case studies of high-profile trials of former government leaders: Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Alberto Fujimori (Peru), Slobodan Milosevic (former Yugoslavia), Charles Taylor (Liberia and Sierra Leone), and Saddam Hussein (Iraq) studies written by experts who closely followed their cases and their impacts on wider societies. This is the only book that examines the rise in the number of domestic and international trials globally and tells the tales in readable prose and with fascinating details."