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Building Hidden Object Browser Games

Free Download Building Hidden Object Browser Games: Codeless Game Construction using Construct2 & Construct3.
English | 2023 | ASIN: B0BTZ29QY5 | 301 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 13 MB
Discover how to create 19 "Seek and Find" online games using several methods from this "Code-less Game Design Workshop" course for the Hidden Objects Game Mechanics. When you finish this course, you will have a production pipeline to create as many different "Hidden Object" games as your imagination can dream of!


The Why Axis Hidden Motives and the Undiscovered Economics of Everyday Life [Audiobook]

Free Download The Why Axis: Hidden Motives and the Undiscovered Economics of Everyday Life (Audiobook)
English | October 08, 2013 | ASIN: B00FKA82TG | [email protected] kbps | 9h 8m | 245.91 MB
Author: Uri Gneezy, John A. List
Narrator: Eric Martin

Uri Gneezy and John List are like the anthropologists who spend months in the field studying the people in their native habitats. But in their case they embed themselves in our messy world to try and solve big, difficult problems, such as the gap between rich and poor students and the violence plaguing inner city schools; the real reasons people discriminate; whether women are really less competitive than men; and how to correctly price products and services.


RUSSIA’S VLADIMIR PUTIN The Hidden History You Need to Know About His Personal and Political Life

Free Download RUSSIA’S VLADIMIR PUTIN: The Hidden History You Need to Know About His Personal and Political Life by Masha Green
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09V3BLW46 | EPUB | 0.08 Mb
The book, Russia’s Vladimar Putin gives the premium gist of the rise to power of Russia’s current president that fully captures his emergence from a life of deprivation to becoming one of the most consequential and complicated leaders in modern history.


Covering The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights [Audiobook]

Free Download Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights (Audiobook)
English | December 27, 2015 | ASIN: B01MDO1GIE | [email protected] kbps | 7h 6m | 194.80 MB
Author: Kenji Yoshino
Narrator: Patrick Lawlor

Everyone covers. To cover is to downplay a disfavored trait so as to blend into the mainstream. Because all of us possess stigmatized attributes, we all encounter pressure to cover in our daily lives. Given its pervasiveness, we may experience this pressure to be a simple fact of social life.


Hidden Histories Faith and Black Lesbian Leadership

Free Download Monique Moultrie, "Hidden Histories: Faith and Black Lesbian Leadership"
English | ISBN: 1478019115 | 2023 | 240 pages | PDF | 5 MB
In Hidden Histories, Monique Moultrie collects oral histories of Black lesbian religious leaders in the United States to show how their authenticity, social justice awareness, spirituality, and collaborative leadership make them models of womanist ethical leadership. By examining their life histories, Moultrie frames queer storytelling as an ethical act of resistance to the racism, sexism, and heterosexism these women experience. She outlines these women’s collaborative, intergenerational, and leadership styles, and their concerns for the greater good and holistic well-being of humanity and the earth. She also demonstrates how their ethos of social justice activism extends beyond LGBTQ and racialized communities and provides other models of religious and community leadership. Addressing the invisibility of Black lesbian religious leaders in scholarship and public discourse, Moultrie revises modern understandings of how race, gender, and sexual identities interact with religious practice and organization in the twenty-first century.


The Hidden and Forbidden

Free Download The Hidden and Forbidden by Amir Tuchman
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BQDM547H | PDF | 0.63 Mb
The ancient phrase "as above so below" reflects humanity’s millennia-old effort to find some magic sign or relic of the Divine itself that would grant them special powers to dominate and even create by the will only. No stone was left unturned, but an elusive artifact hadn’t been found yet.


The Social Animal The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement [Audiobook]

Free Download The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement (Audiobook)
English | March 08, 2011 | ASIN: B004R0MU98 | [email protected] kbps | 16h 9m | 440.21 MB
Author: David Brooks
Narrator: Arthur Morey

With unequaled insight and brio, David Brooks, the New York Times columnist and best-selling author of Bobos in Paradise, has long explored and explained the way we live. Now, with the intellectual curiosity and emotional wisdom that make his columns among the most read in the nation, Brooks turns to the building blocks of human flourishing in a multilayered, profoundly illuminating work grounded in everyday life.


The Hidden War A Russian Journalist’s Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan

Free Download The Hidden War: A Russian Journalist’s Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan By Artyom Borovik
2001 | 304 Pages | ISBN: 080213775X | PDF | 7 MB
Until his death in 2000, Artyom Borovik was considered one of the preeminent journalists in Russia. With The Hidden War he provided the world its first glimpse inside the Soviet military machine, capturing the soldiers’ terror, helplessness, and despair at waging war in a foreign land against an unseen enemy for unclear purposes. When first published, Borovik’s groundbreaking revelations exposed the weaknesses beneath the Soviet Union’s aura of military might, creating an enormous controversy both in Russia and around the world. A vital and fascinating portrait of the Soviet empire at the twilight of its power, this is a book that still resonates today. An honest and graphic account of individual and general disillusionment during the very worst kind of war. -Christopher Hitchens, New York Newsday; Alternately fascinating and horrific…. A fascinating look at the life and death of Soviet soldiers. — Bill Wallace, San Francisco Chronicle; I have read no other account of the war in Afghanistan equal to this … this is literature. — Graham Greene


Sensitive The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World

Free Download Sensitive: The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World by Jenn Granneman, Andre Sólo
English | February 28th, 2023 | ISBN: 0593235010 | 272 pages | True EPUB | 1.16 MB
"Thisimportant book reframes the way we think about sensitivity-our own or someone else’s-and shines a light on the great power in being highly attuned to the world."-Susan Cain, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet and Quiet