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The Hidden History of the White House Power Struggles, Scandals, and Defining Moments [Audiobook]

Free Download The Hidden History of the White House: Power Struggles, Scandals, and Defining Moments (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CJWKRLZR | 2024 | 8 hours and 45 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 256 MB
Author: Corey Mead
Narrator: Lindsay Graham, Jeremy Arthur

Presented by the hit podcast American History Tellers, The Hidden History of the White House reveals the behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most dramatic events in American history-set right inside the house where it happened. For more than two centuries, the White House in Washington, DC, has been the stage for some of the most climactic moments in American history. Its walls and portraits have witnessed fierce power struggles, history-altering decisions, shocking scandals, and intimate moments among the First Family, their guests, and the staff. In the signature style of the popular American History Tellers podcast, The Hidden History of the White House places listeners in the shoes of historical figures-from power brokers to everyday Americans alike-who lived through pivotal events that shaped America.


Ask Tap Into the Hidden Wisdom of People Around You for Unexpected Breakthroughs In Leadership and Life [Audiobook]

Free Download Ask: Tap Into the Hidden Wisdom of People Around You for Unexpected Breakthroughs In Leadership and Life (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CZ4K38XT | 2024 | 8 hours and 29 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 245 MB
Author: Jeff Wetzler, Amy Edmondson
Narrator: Gary Tiedemann

Globally recognized expert on learning and leadership, Jeff Wetzler offers a hands-on, surprisingly effective way to find out what others really think, know, and feel. Ask leads to smarter decisions, more creative solutions, and deeper relationships. Too often, we don’t find out what’s truly on others’ hearts and minds because we don’t know how to ask the right questions in the right ways. Co-founder of Transcend and former international business consultant and Teach for America executive Jeff Wetzler wants to show you how to fix that. In Ask, he brings you a powerful method called The Ask Approach, based on a simple premise: that tapping into what other people truly think, know, and feel is a game-changing superpower.


The Hidden Lives of Big Beautiful Women

Free Download The Hidden Lives of Big Beautiful Women
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031544528 | 227 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 2 MB
This book is a deep dive into the largely unexplored space of BBW "bashes"―multi-day gatherings of fat women and their admirers. Using a range of feminist theories of embodiment and affect, the project is guided by autoethnography and in-depth interviews with twelve participants. Participant experiences are first analyzed with a key focus on experiences that cause grief and disenfranchisement; subsequently, the book looks at experiences that may be radical or revelatory. The book does not seek to either villainize or valorize BBW spaces but instead sheds a bright light on the experience of this cultural subspace and all it may offer to analyses of fat life.


Power vs. Force The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (Revised Edition)

Free Download Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (Revised Edition) by David R. Hawkins
English | January 1, 2012 | ISBN: 1401941699 | True EPUB | 370 pages | 1.2 MB
The publication of Power vs. Force by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., reveals to the general public secret information heretofore only shared by the author with certain Nobelists and world leaders.


Hidden Beaches Spanien

Free Download Hidden Beaches Spanien by John Weller
German | 2022 | ISBN: 3942048876 | 632 pages | MOBI | 59 Mb
Entdecke die geheime Küste Spaniens und der Balearen. Wandere auf unausgetretenen Pfaden zu abgelegenen Stränden, kleinen Buchten und natürlichen Schwimm-Spots.Dieser einzigartige Reiseführer kombiniert beeindruckende Fotos und mitreißende Beschreibungen mit allen praktischen Informationen, die Du brauchst, um Dich in Spanien abseits der Touristenströme zu begeben. Mit den besten Stränden zum Schnorcheln, Surfen, Wandern, Dippen und Springen. Perfekt für Familienabenteuer, Camper-Reisende, Wanderer und Wild Schnorchel auf den unberührten Cíes Inseln, Spaniens "Karibik"Entdecke die mythische Höhle von Atlantis auf IbizaBeobachte Delphine und Wale im Golf von CádizSpring von Klippen in natürliche Meeres-Pools in KantabrienGenieße authentische Paella in Valencia oder Jakobsmuscheln und Hummer Eintopf in AndalusienWandere über die Berge zu wilden und einsamen Buchten an der Küste von AlmeríaFolge den Pfaden der Schmuggler zu versteckten Höhlen und Buchten an der Costa BravaSchwimme und paddle durch See-Höhlen auf MallorcaEntdecke türkises Wasser und weiße Strände auf MenorcaMit Karten, Wegbeschreibungen, GPS-Koordinaten und Zeitangaben für Wanderungen, plus Empfehlungen für Bootsausflüge, kleine Abenteuer und die besten Zeltplätze und Restaurants.Von den Autoren von Wild Swimming Spanien (2017).


Curiosities of the Finger Lakes Hidden Ancient Ruins, Flying Machines, the Boy Who Caught a Trout with His Nose and More

Free Download Melanie Zimmer, "Curiosities of the Finger Lakes: Hidden Ancient Ruins, Flying Machines, the Boy Who Caught a Trout with His Nose and More"
English | 2014 | pages: 160 | ISBN: 1626190925, 1540208621 | EPUB | 8,7 mb
The Finger Lakes region is known for its beauty, but look carefully and you will discover some of New York’s other abundant-and unusual-treasures. The cliffs of Excelsior Glen are scattered with ancient Indian pictographs, and Bluff Point conceals the ruins of an unknown civilization. The wine industry has its own strange stories; discover why one wine producer was banned from using his own name. Among the oddities of the Finger Lakes region are the world’s largest pancake, a slice of Susan B. Anthony’s seventy-eighth birthday cake and the anecdote of the boy who accidentally caught an eight-pound trout with his nose. Join author Melanie Zimmer and uncover these and other curiosities and strange tales of the Finger Lakes.


Black Founder The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider

Free Download Black Founder: The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider by Stacy Spikes
English | January 24, 2023 | ISBN: 1496739566 | 256 pages | PDF | 2.08 Mb
At the intersection of power, technology, and race, Stacy Spikes, award-winning entrepreneur and founder of MoviePass, reveals the tools he’s used to persevere in the face of adversity, defy stereotypes, and shatter glass ceilings. BLACK FOUNDER is both an empowering memoir of a trailblazing business leader and an unflinching look at what it means to be Black and ambitious in the upper echelons of record labels, movie studios and tech startups – with practical steps on how to overcome prejudice and build your own success.