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Long-Distance Nationalism Diasporas, Homelands and Identities

Free Download Long-Distance Nationalism: Diasporas, Homelands and Identities By Zlatko Skrbiš
1999 | 218 Pages | ISBN: 1859726720 | PDF | 14 MB
How strong and how significant is the interaction between migrants and homelands in the late 20th century? Have the processes of globalization and transnational interaction produced new forms of nationalism or at least altered the old ones? By using Croatians and Slovenians in Australia as examples this book examines the extent to which migrants are influenced by historical and contemporary processes of migration mediated through political and cultural symbolism. What are the factors which influence the existence, nature and intensity of ethno-nationalism in the migrant context? The study analyses both the existence and transmission of ethno-nationalism between migrant settings and homelands and specifically deals with the transmission of ethno-nationalism sentiments across migrant generations. To understand the effects and consequences of long-distance nationalism fully the book proceeds from an analysis of nationalism’s public manifestations to an analysis of the relatively private domain of diasporic ethno-communal existence.


Homelands A Personal History of Europe [Audiobook]

Free Download Homelands: A Personal History of Europe (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BL8SCSJF | 2023 | 13 hours and 36 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 748 MB
Author: Timothy Garton Ash
Narrator: John Sackville

Homelands is a stunning blend of contemporary history, reportage and memoir by our greatest writer about European affairs. Drawing on half a century of interviews and experience, Homelands tells the story of Europe in the later twentieth and early twenty-first centuries – how, having emerged from its wartime hell in 1945, it slowly recovered and rebuilt, liberated and united to come close to the ideal of a Europe ‘whole, free and at peace’. And then faltered. Humane, expert and deeply felt, Homelands is full of encounters, conversations and anecdotes. It is also highly personal: Timothy Garton Ash has spent a lifetime studying and thinking about Europe and this audiobook is full of life itself, from his father’s experience on D-Day, to his teenage French exchange, to interviewing Polish dockers, Albanian guerrillas and angry teenagers in the poorest quarters of Paris, as well as advising prime ministers, chancellors and presidents in the UK, Europe, and the US. Homelands is both a singular history of a period of unprecedented progress and a clear-eyed account of how so much then went wrong, all the way from the financial crisis of 2008 to the war in Ukraine. It culminates in an urgent call to the citizens of this great old continent to understand and defend what we have collectively achieved.