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Apache Cassandra Horizontal scalability for Java applications

Free Download Apache Cassandra Horizontal scalability for Java applications
English | 2022 | ISBN: n/a | 53 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 11 MB
In the competitive world of technology, millisecond improvements in performance can make all the difference for your customers. From this need, several paradigms and frameworks emerged, demanding, at the same time, a good and fast performance in the persistence of information. Apache Cassandra was born in this scenario, the NoSQL database, elastic, fault-tolerant, and with a high degree of performance. Cassandra is a non-relational database originated by Facebook. Today, it is an open-source project within the Apache Foundation with successes in the world’s largest companies, such as Netflix, GitHub, eBay, among others.


Horizontal and Vertical RacialEthnic Discrimination Attributions and Impact

Free Download Horizontal and Vertical Racial/Ethnic Discrimination: Attributions and Impact by Christin A. Mujica , Ana J. Bridges
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2023 | 90 Pages | ISBN : 3031330579 | 2.3 MB
This book explores the nuances of how discriminatory events are viewed by people of color. Based on the authors’ research, it seeks to illuminate the contextual and relational variables that influence perception of discrimination.