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Robust and Distributed Hypothesis Testing (2024)

Free Download Gökhan Gül, "Robust and Distributed Hypothesis Testing"
English | 2017 | ISBN: 3319492853, 331984122X | PDF | pages: 154 | 2.5 mb
This book generalizes and extends the available theory in robust and decentralized hypothesis testing. In particular, it presents a robust test for modeling errors which is independent from the assumptions that a sufficiently large number of samples is available, and that the distance is the KL-divergence. Here, the distance can be chosen from a much general model, which includes the KL-divergence as a very special case. This is then extended by various means. A minimax robust test that is robust against both outliers as well as modeling errors is presented. Minimax robustness properties of the given tests are also explicitly proven for fixed sample size and sequential probability ratio tests. The theory of robust detection is extended to robust estimation and the theory of robust distributed detection is extended to classes of distributions, which are not necessarily stochastically bounded. It is shown that the quantization functions for the decision rules can also be chosen as non-monotone. Finally, the book describes the derivation of theoretical bounds in minimax decentralized hypothesis testing, which have not yet been known. As a timely report on the state-of-the-art in robust hypothesis testing, this book is mainly intended for postgraduates and researchers in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, statistics and applied probability. Moreover, it may be of interest for students and researchers working in the field of classification, pattern recognition and cognitive radio.


Hypothesis-Driven Development

Free Download Hypothesis-Driven Development by Alex Cowan
English | September 20th, 2022 | ISBN: 9781944627188 | 325 pages | True EPUB | 22.64 MB
There’s a lot of waste in tech. Billions of dollars of it. Software gets written and digital products designed and shipped that no one wants. Some say it’s "just a part of doing the business of innovation" in hot new markets.


Hypothesis Generation and Interpretation Design Principles and Patterns for Big Data Applications

Free Download Hypothesis Generation and Interpretation: Design Principles and Patterns for Big Data Applications by Hiroshi Ishikawa
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2024 | 380 Pages | ISBN : 3031435397 | 68.4 MB
This book focuses in detail on data science and data analysis and emphasizes the importance of data engineering and data management in the design of big data applications. The author uses patterns discovered in a collection of big data applications to provide design principles for hypothesis generation, integrating big data processing and management, machine learning and data mining techniques.