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Writing and Immanence (International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Free Download Ken Gale, "Writing and Immanence (International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry "
English | ISBN: 0367723212 | 2022 | 212 pages | EPUB, PDF | 2 MB + 3 MB
Writing and Immanence is a book that is attentive to the unabatingly potent, sometimes agonistic, forces at play in the continuing unfoldings of crises of representation. As immanent doing, the writing in the book writes to destabilise the orthodoxies, conventions and unquestioned givens of writing in the academy and, in so doing, is troubled by the ontogenetic uncertainties of its own writing coming into being.


Practising Immanence

Free Download David A. G. Clarke, "Practising Immanence"
English | ISBN: 1032561912 | 2023 | 258 pages | EPUB, PDF | 1510 KB + 18 MB
Practising Immanence: Living with Theory and Environmental Education makes creative contributions to both qualitative inquiry and environmental education by exploring how each of these ideas seep and fuse into one another, creating a space where methodology becomes pedagogy, and where each of these is already always environmental: indivisible with life.