Free Download Kinauvit?: What’s Your Name? The Eskimo Disc System and a Daughter’s Search for Her Grandmother (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C7Y7S9YW | 2023 | 6 hours and 4 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 338 MB
Author: Dr. Norma Dunning
Narrator: Dr. Norma Dunning

From the winner of the 2021 Governor General’s Award for literature, a revelatory look into an obscured piece of Canadian history: what was then called the Eskimo Identification Tag System. In 2001, Dr. Norma Dunning applied to the Nunavut Beneficiary program, requesting enrolment to legally solidify her existence as an Inuk woman. But in the process, she was faced with a question she could not answer, tied to a colonial institution retired decades ago: ‘What was your disc number?’ "Still haunted by this question years later, Dunning took it upon herself to reach out to Inuit community members who experienced the Eskimo Identification Tag System first-hand, providing vital perspective and nuance to the scant records available on the subject.