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White Male Disability in Modernist Literature Reading Lawrence, Hemingway, and Faulkner

Free Download Martina Kbler, "White Male Disability in Modernist Literature: Reading Lawrence, Hemingway, and Faulkner "
English | ISBN: 9004520074 | 2023 | 303 pages | PDF | 17 MB
White men represent power in white supremacist patriarchy. What happens when literary texts depict them as disabled? Embodying more than just crises of masculinity, white male disability is a reckoning with old orders, provoking new perspectives on life and love in the modern era.


La finestra sul male Temi di etica kantiana nell’opera di Hitchcock

Free Download La finestra sul male: Temi di etica kantiana nell’opera di Hitchcock
Italiano | 2023 | ISBN: 8820396211 | 83 Pages | PDF | 0.8 MB
Nella Finestra sul cortile Jimmy Stewart, immobilizzato su una sedia a rotelle, indaga sul vicino Raymond Burr. Ripetutamente crede di averne scoperto un delitto e i suoi sospetti si rivelano infondati, ma lui non si dà per vinto. Siccome è un film di Hollywood, alla fine ha ragione. Nel frattempo, però, Hitchcock ci ha offerto una mirabile illustrazione dell’etica kantiana: la ragione non può intervenire nel mondo empirico; può solo giudicare gli eventi; ma il suo giudizio è inesorabile.


E d’ogni male mi guarisce un bel verso. Breve discorso su Dante, la poesia e il dolore

Free Download E d’ogni male mi guarisce un bel verso. Breve discorso su Dante, la poesia e il dolore di Fabio Stassi
Italiano | 10 ottobre 2023 | ISBN: 8838945969 | True EPUB | 144 pagine | 1.4 MB
Curarsi con Dante: una lezione bellissima e incantata sulla forza terapeutica della poesia e sul potere salvifico dei versi del Sommo Poeta che chiama in causa altri grandi poeti. Un invito a rimettersi in ascolto di voci sommerse, trascurate dall’arroganza di un’epoca che corre alla velocità del digitale.


Alpha Male Charisma How to Attract Women and Master Social Skills with Dating Secrets and Powerful Techniques [Audiobook]

Free Download Alpha Male Charisma: How to Attract Women and Master Social Skills with Dating Secrets and Powerful Techniques to Improve Small Talk, Influence, Confidence, Charm, and Sociability. (Audiobook)
English | ISBN: 9798868782510 | 2023 | 3 hours and 28 minutes | M4B@192 kbps | 286 MB
Author: Eric Holt
Narrator: Eric Holt

Unleash Your Inner Charismatic Alpha! Unlock your true potential with the ultimate guide to becoming an Alpha Male with irresistible charisma and magnetism. Drawing from expert insights, this audiobook delves into the secrets of becoming an Alpha Male, mastering the art of confidence, decoding female psychology, and developing an irresistible charm. Learn powerful seduction techniques, navigate the dating scene with confidence, and make a memorable first impression.


Imagined Masculinities Male Identity and Culture in the Modern Middle East

Free Download Imagined Masculinities: Male Identity and Culture in the Modern Middle East By Mai Ghoussoub; Emma Sinclair-Webb
2006 | 296 Pages | ISBN: 0863560423 | PDF | 7 MB
Writings on gender in the Middle East have tended to focus on the status of women. Issues of male identity, in a region which has seen enormous social change over the past thirty years, have been somewhat neglected. Imagined Masculinities redresses this balance by examining masculinity as a social construct as diverse in its forms as femininity.Initiation rites, ritualised violence and impotence anxiety are explored, as well as images of virility and male sexuality in popular culture and politics. There are moving firsthand accounts here too – a son’s recollection of his relationship with his father; a meditation on what it means to have a moustache; and a vivid recollection of visiting women’s Turkish baths as a young boy.Mai Ghoussoub, artist, author and playwright, left Beirut for London in 1979, where she co-founded Saqi Books. Her art has been exhibited internationally, and her play Texterminators was performed in London, Liverpool and Beirut in 2006. Her publications include Artists and Vitrines, with Shaheen Merali. Her stories have appeared in Hikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women and Lebanon, Lebanon. She was a regular contributor to al-Hayat and openDemocracy.Emma Sinclair-Webb teaches in the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University. Her doctoral research is on sectarianism and urban conflict in Turkey.