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Why Ecology Matters

Charles J. Krebs, "Why Ecology Matters"
English | ISBN: 022631815X | 2016 | 208 pages | AZW3 | 4 MB
Global temperatures and seawater levels rise; the world’s smallest porpoise species looms at the edge of extinction; and a tiny emerald beetle from Japan flourishes in North America-but why does it matter? Who cares? With this concise, accessible, and up-to-date book, Charles J. Krebs answers critics and enlightens students and environmental advocates alike, revealing not why phenomena like these deserve our attention, but why they demand it.


What We Say Matters Practicing Nonviolent Communication

What We Say Matters: Practicing Nonviolent Communication by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ike K. Lasater
English | August 9th, 2022 | ISBN: 1645471047 | 176 pages | True EPUB | 0.86 MB
Learn how to communicate with compassion and choose language that reflects your personal values and aims with this essential guide to Nonviolent Communication.


Police Matters The Everyday State and Caste Politics in South India, 1900-1975

Radha Kumar, "Police Matters: The Everyday State and Caste Politics in South India, 1900-1975"
English | ISBN: 1501761064 | 2021 | 264 pages | PDF | 2 MB
Police Matters moves beyond the city to examine the intertwined nature of police and caste in the Tamil countryside. Radha Kumar argues that the colonial police deployed rigid notions of caste in their everyday tasks, refashioning rural identities in a process that has cast long postcolonial shadows.