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Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Free Download Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider by Caterina Doglioni
English | PDF | 2012 | 167 Pages | ISBN : 3642305377 | 7.2 MB
Tests of the current understanding of physics at the highest energies achievable in man-made experiments are performed at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. In the theory of the strong force within the Standard Model of particle physics – Quantum ChromoDynamics or QCD – confined quarks and gluons from the proton-proton scattering manifest themselves as groups of collimated particles. These particles are clustered into physically measurable objects called hadronic jets. As jets are widely produced at hadron colliders, they are the key physics objects for an early "rediscovery of QCD". This thesis presents the first jet measurement from the ATLAS Collaboration at the LHC and confronts the experimental challenges of precision measurements. Inclusive jet cross section data are then used to improve the knowledge of the momentum distribution of quarks and gluons within the proton and of the magnitude of the strong force.


Measurement and Multivariate Analysis

Free Download Measurement and Multivariate Analysis by Shizuhiko Nishisato (Professor Emeritus), Yasumasa Baba (Professor), Hamparsum Bozdogan (McKenzie Professor in Business), Koji Kanefuji (Associate Professor)
English | PDF | 2002 | 347 Pages | ISBN : 4431703381 | 26.6 MB
Diversity is characteristic of the information age and also of statistics. To date, the social sciences have contributed greatly to the development of handling data under the rubric of measurement, while the statistical sciences have made phenomenal advances in theory and algorithms. Measurement and Multivariate Analysis promotes an effective interplay between those two realms of research-diversity with unity. The union and the intersection of those two areas of interest are reflected in the papers in this book, drawn from an international conference in Banff, Canada, with participants from 15 countries. In five major categories – scaling, structural analysis, statistical inference, algorithms, and data analysis – readers will find a rich variety of topics of current interest in the extended statistical community.


Advancing Identity Theory, Measurement, and Research

Free Download Advancing Identity Theory, Measurement, and Research by Jan E. Stets, Ashley V. Reichelmann, K Jill Kiecolt
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2023 | 395 Pages | ISBN : 3031329856 | 13.5 MB
This volume presents recent advances in identity theory, which is a prominent and active theory in sociological social psychology and a versatile framework for explaining the sources of identities, how they develop, how they operate in situations and groups, and how they influence behavior and well-being. The volume is organized around new theoretical developments, measurement techniques, and research in the field. Theoretical developments covered in the volume sharpen, reframe, and expand fundamental concepts in identity theory. State-of-the-art techniques for measuring identities assess, refine, and update existing measures. New research in the volume addresses both individual processes and outcomes and group processes and outcomes. The chapters together showcase the wide applicability of identity theory to a host of identities, such as the religious, gender, sexual, physical attractiveness, racial/ethnic, parent, student, partisan, and group member identities. The volume editors introduce identity theory and provide an overview of the chapters. In the last chapter, they describe how this volume points to future directions for advancing theory, measurement, and research in identity theory.


Advances in Applications of Rasch Measurement in Science Education

Free Download Advances in Applications of Rasch Measurement in Science Education by Xiufeng Liu, William J. Boone
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2023 | 531 Pages | ISBN : 3031287754 | 43 MB
This edited volume presents latest development in applications of Rasch measurement in science education. It includes a conceptual introduction chapter and a set of individual chapters. The introductory chapter reviews published studies applying Rasch measurement in the field of science education and identify important principles of Rasch measurement and best practices in applications of Rasch measurement in science education. The individual chapters, contributed by authors from Canada, China, Germany, Philippines and the USA, cover a variety of current topics on measurement concerning science conceptual understanding, scientific argumentation, scientific reasoning, three-dimensional learning, knowledge-in-use and cross-cutting concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards, medical education learning experiences, machine-scoring bias, formative assessment, and teacher knowledge of argument. There are additional chapters on advances in Rasch analysis techniques and technology including R, Bayesian estimation, comparison between joint maximum likelihood (JML) and marginal maximum likelihood (MML) estimations on model-data-fit, and enhancement to Rasch models by Cognitive Diagnostic Models and Latent Class Analysis. The volume provides readers who are new and experienced in applying Rasch measurement with advanced and exemplary applications in the forefront of various areas of science education research.


Powering Inclusive Cultures Why Measurement Matters

Free Download Powering Inclusive Cultures
by Jones, Christine;

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1642255602 | 278 pages | True EPUB | 7.51 MB
CEOs , C-SUITE EXECUTIVES AND LEADERS have a valuable role in the continuum of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for their organizations. Powering Inclusive Cultures shows why bias training alone doesn’t work and gives the reader tools that will work. Through case studies, learning activities and DEI data, readers learn why measurement is important to the task of creating real organizational change.