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How to Improve Memory 7 Easy Steps to Master Memory Improvement, Memorization Techniques & Photographic Memory [Audiobook]

Free Download How to Improve Memory: 7 Easy Steps to Master Memory Improvement, Memorization Techniques & Photographic Memory Skills (Audiobook)
English | ISBN: 9798868626197 | 2024 | 1 hour and 25 minutes | M4B@320 kbps | 196 MB
Author: Troye Bates
Narrator: Emanuel Webb

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you met someone so familiar, and who knew you by name, and you just couldn’t recall their name? If yes, then this 7-step guide is for you! Not only is memory improvement and preservation vital for success, but it is also important for survival. You will learn: Methods of exercising your mind while going about your everyday life. Physical exercises that are good for your mind and memory. Sleep and rest habits that are good for you and those that are not. How and what to eat in order to remember. How to contain stress so as not to affect your cognitive skills. Helpful memorization techniques to apply. Don’t let memory lapses hold you back in your journey towards success. Begin your journey towards achieving the status of possessing a photographic memory!


Shared-Memory Synchronization (2nd Edition)

Free Download Shared-Memory Synchronization
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031386833 | 251 Pages | PDF (True) | 3 MB
This book offers a comprehensive survey of shared-memory synchronization, with an emphasis on "systems-level" issues. It includes sufficient coverage of architectural details to understand correctness and performance on modern multicore machines, and sufficient coverage of higher-level issues to understand how synchronization is embedded in modern programming languages.


Religion and Memory in Tacitus’ Annals

Free Download Kelly E. Shannon-Henderson, "Religion and Memory in Tacitus’ Annals "
English | ISBN: 0198832761 | 2019 | 432 pages | EPUB | 1164 KB
Throughout his narrative of Julio-Claudian Rome in the Annals, Tacitus includes numerous references to the gods, fate, fortune, astrology, omens, temples, priests, the emperor cult, and other religious material. Though scholars have long considered Tacitus’ discussion of religion of minor importance, this volume demonstrates the significance of such references to an understanding of the work as a whole by analyzing them using cultural memory theory, which views religious ritual as a key component in any society’s efforts to create a lived version of the past that helps define cultural identity in the present. Tacitus, who was not only an historian, but also a member of Rome’s quindecimviral priesthood, shows a marked interest in even the most detailed rituals of Roman religious life, yet his portrayal of religious material also suggests that the system is under threat with the advent of the principate. Some traditional rituals are forgotten as the shape of the Roman state changes while, simultaneously, a new form of cultic commemoration develops as deceased emperors are deified and the living emperor and his family members are treated in increasingly worshipful ways by his subjects. This study traces the deployment of religious material throughout Tacitus’ narrative in order to show how he views the development of this cultic "amnesia" over time, from the reign of the cryptic, autocratic, and oddly mystical Tiberius, through Claudius’ failed attempts at reviving tradition, to the final sacrilegious disasters of the impious Nero. As the first book-length treatment of religion in the Annals, it reveals how these references are a key vehicle for his assessment of the principate as a system of government, the activities of individual emperors, and their impact on Roman society and cultural identity.


Iceland – Ireland Memory, Literature, Culture on the Atlantic Periphery

Free Download edited by Fionnuala Dillane, "Iceland – Ireland Memory, Literature, Culture on the Atlantic Periphery "
English | ISBN: 9004502866 | 2022 | 222 pages | PDF | 11 MB
This volume offers the first comparative account from contemporary and historical perspectives of Irish and Icelandic memory cultures and addresses the broader dynamics of trans-cultural memory that are surfaced in such comparative approaches of geographically peripheral islands.


Listening, Belonging, and Memory

Free Download Abigail Gardner, "Listening, Belonging, and Memory"
English | ISBN: 1501376802 | 2023 | 190 pages | EPUB | 10 MB
Listening, Belonging, and Memory puts connected listening at the center of current debates around whose voices might be listened to, who by, and why. Arguing that listening has to be understood in relation to the self, nation, age, witnessing, and memory, it uses examples from digital storytelling, listening projects, and critical media analysis to highlight connections between listening and power. It centers on voices, stories, and silence, how they interweave, and are activated, maneuvered, reconfigured, and denied. It focuses on the small, microengagements that crouch within the superstructures of violent border control and the censorious policing of sonic citizenry, identifying cracks in the reshuffling of histories and hierarchies that connected listening affords.