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David Mitchell Back Story

Free Download David Mitchell: Back Story by David Mitchell
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0007351720 | 286 Pages | EPUB | 2.3 MB
David Mitchell, who you may know for his inappropriate anger on every TV panel show except Never Mind the Buzzcocks, his look of permanent discomfort on C4 sex comedy Peep Show, his online commenter-baiting in The Observer or just for wearing a stick-on moustache in That Mitchell and Webb Look, has written a book about his life.


Stephanie Mitchell – The AD Lab Download

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Man in Profile Joseph Mitchell of The New Yorker

Free Download Thomas Kunkel, "Man in Profile: Joseph Mitchell of The New Yorker"
English | 2015 | pages: 384 | ISBN: 0375508902 | EPUB | 19,2 mb
WINNER OF THE SPERBER PRIZE * NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYSAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLEAND PUBLISHERS WEEKLY *This fascinating biography reveals the untold story of the legendary New Yorker profile writer-author of Joe Gould’s Secret and Up in the Old Hotel-and unravels the mystery behind one of literary history’s greatest disappearing acts.


Joan Mitchell Lady Painter

Free Download Patricia Albers, "Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter"
English | 2011 | pages: 544 | ISBN: 0375414371 | EPUB | 14,0 mb
"Gee, Joan, if only you were French and male and dead." -New York art dealer to Joan Mitchell, the 1950s


Road to Tara The Life of Margaret Mitchell

Free Download Anne Edwards, "Road to Tara: The Life of Margaret Mitchell"
English | 2014 | pages: 400 | ISBN: 1589798996 | EPUB | 4,0 mb
Margaret Mitchell was as complex and compelling as her legendary heroine, Scarlett O’Hara, and her story is as dramatic as anything out of her own imagination-indeed, it is the basis for the legend she created. Gone With the Wind took the American reading public by storm and went on to become the most popular motion picture of all time. It was a phenomenon whose success has never been equaled-and it shattered Margaret Mitchell’s private life. In this commemorative reprint of Road to Tara, Anne Edwards tells the real story of Margaret Mitchell and the extraordinary novel that has become part of our heritage.


Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh The Love Story Behind Gone With the Wind

Free Download Marianne Walker, "Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh: The Love Story Behind Gone With the Wind"
English | 2011 | pages: 608 | ISBN: 1561456179, 1561450820 | EPUB | 20,9 mb
Based on almost 200 previously unpublished letters and extensive interviews with their closest associates, Walker’s biography of Margaret Mitchell and her husband, John Marsh, offers a new look into a devoted marriage and fascinating partnership that ultimately created a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. This edition of Walker’s biography celebrates the seventy-fifth anniversary of the publication of Gone With the Wind in 1936.


Worst Christmas Ever by Mallary Mitchell

Free Download Worst Christmas Ever by Mallary Mitchell
English | MP3@192 kbps | 1h 38m | 135.2 MB
After being jilted the day before her Christmas wedding, Sara Jane hates the holidays. Holly and mistletoe are a painful reminder that happily-ever-after isn’t for her. Now, this Christmas, her baby sister is getting married. Talk about adding insult to injury! Forced into faux Christmas joy while she helps plan the nuptials, Sara Jane just wants to escape to Athens, Greece-away from the judgmental stares and snickers of her family and friends. God, on the other hand, may have other plans. Maxwell Dixon has secretly loved Sara Jane since they were children. Like so many tragic childhood love stories, however, he was relegated to "friend status" long ago. But when Sara Jane needs him for moral support and to be a safe date at the wedding, Max decides it’s time to show Sara Jane what love and Christmas are all about.