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Introduction to Modified Gravity, Second Edition

Free Download Introduction to Modified Gravity, Second Edition by Albert Petrov , Jose Roberto Nascimento , Paulo Porfirio
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2023 | 106 Pages | ISBN : 3031466330 | 8 MB
This book reviews various modified gravity models, including those with modifications in the pure gravitational sector; those involving extra fields, that is, scalar-tensor and vector-tensor gravity theories; gravity models with Lorentz symmetry breaking; and nonlocal gravity models. The authors discuss both classical and quantum aspects of these theories. The book is unique in bringing together all the current alternatives to Einstein gravity in one source and serves as an excellent starting point for graduate students and other newcomers seeking an overview.


Modified Bodies, Material Selves Beauty Ideals in Post-Reform Shanghai

Free Download Modified Bodies, Material Selves: Beauty Ideals in Post-Reform Shanghai by Julie E. Starr
English | July 25, 2023 | ISBN: 0295751754, 0295751762 | True EPUB | 228 pages | 12 MB
Thin body, white skin, and big eyes. Such beauty ideals are ubiquitous across Shanghai, where salons and weight-loss clinics offering an array of products and treatment options beckon city dwellers with promises of a "better life." Set against the backdrop of China’s post-reform era, Modified Bodies, Material Selves compares the radically different attitudes of middle-class Chinese and Western women living in Shanghai toward the pursuit of beauty. Through comparative ethnography, anthropologist Julie E. Starr parses how experiences of bodies and embodied identities, and the politics ascribed to them, are culturally produced for both groups of women. With a focus on the ways in which late capitalism interacts with different bodies, Starr joins an ongoing conversation about the impact of recent economic reforms on social life in China.