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MRI Connecting the Dots A Start to Concepts (IPH001)

Free Download MRI: Connecting the Dots: A Start to Concepts (IPH001) by Dee Wu
English | October 31, 2019 | ISBN: 0750312858 | 100 pages | MOBI | 24 Mb
A practical book that works with both inductive and deductive instructional methods. We have developed a concise, yet conceptually rich, start for learners that should feel friendly and interactive in nature.


Handbook of Small Animal MRI

Free Download Ian Elliott, "Handbook of Small Animal MRI"
English | ISBN: 1405126507 | 2010 | 176 pages | PDF | 28 MB
Handbook of Small Animal MRI will help you make the most of one of the greatest advancements in veterinary practice in recent years, magnetic resonance imaging. Those using the services of mobile scanners dedicated to veterinary use, as well as those in practices with their own MRI machine, will benefit from this book. It provides a clear and comprehensive account of how this important diagnostic tool works. In addition this easy reference handbook provides guidance on the interpretation of images of common clinical conditions.


Textbook of Radiology for CT and MRI Technicians with MCQs

Free Download Textbook of Radiology for CT and MRI Technicians with MCQs
English | 2018 | ISBN: 9352701763 | 250 Pages | PDF (True) | 25 MB
This book focuses on radiology for CT and MRI technician with MCQs. Radiology is the medical specialty that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the body. This book is structured into three parts namely Introduction to Radiology, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging which widely cover the subject. A group of focused residents and researchers have helped compile these parts. This book incorporated chapters on recent imaging sciences in CT and MRI, PET-MRI etc. along with fundamental topics in Radiology, thus providing a blend of basic and advance knowledge. MCQs are added at the end of each chapter, which will be helpful for the examinations. This book is useful for all the radiology technicians. They will be immensely benefitted with this new armamentarium in their field.


Fundamentals of NMR and MRI

Free Download Fundamentals of NMR and MRI: From Quantum Principles to Medical Applications
English | 2024 | ISBN: 3031479750 | 233 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 42 MB
This book bridges the gap between physical foundations and medical applications of the NMR and MRI technologies, making them accessible to both physicists and biomedical scientists. The physical basis of these technologies is discussed in a manner that can be easily understood by scientists from different backgrounds, aiding them in gaining a clearer understanding of the subject.. For instance, the medical applications of NMR and MRI technologies are described in a way that is accessible to physicists. Moreover, geometrical descriptions and specific mathematical tools are used to facilitate the visualizations of many concepts. Furthermore, the book covers modern technologies such as hyperpolarization and several other state-of-the-art techniques, along with their foundations.


MRI of Gynaecological Diseases Illustrations and Cases

Free Download MRI of Gynaecological Diseases: Illustrations and Cases by Guofu Zhang
English | EPUB (True) | 2023 | 229 Pages | ISBN : 9819936438 | 128.9 MB
This book systematically covers MRI imaging findings of a spectrum of gynaecological diseases, including ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, and endometrial cancer, etc. All chapters are arranged in the same format: simply clinical history is firstly presented in order to help readers mimic the real clinical scenario, and then untypical features in many common diseases and typical features in many uncommon diseases are interpreted. In the end of each chapter, tips in differential diagnosis were summarized by analysing a class of cases with similar imaging performance. All cases in the book have the detailed pathological results, and the pathological specimens are also shown in some cases. It will be an ideal reference for physicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases.


MRI Connecting the Dots A start to concepts

Free Download MRI: Connecting the Dots: A start to concepts
by Dee Wu

English | 2023 | ISBN: 0750312858 | 303 pages | True PDF EPUB | 78.56 MB
The purpose of this book is to provide a conceptual approach to understanding the basics of MRI. This book develops materials along a clinical perspective along with a technological examination of how MRI works. Radiology residents, technologists, and technical sales specialists who want to understand the goals of clinical scanners will find this book useful. This book further supports application-oriented MRI objectives of MP3.0 for MRI scientists., medical physicists, and biomedical engineers. MRI concepts and practices have developed enormously over the last 30 years, and this book provides readers with a start to up-to-date overview of current techniques and practices. Part of IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology.