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Nutrient Cycling and Limitation Hawai’i as a Model System

Free Download Peter M. Vitousek, "Nutrient Cycling and Limitation: Hawai’i as a Model System "
English | ISBN: 069111580X | 2004 | 232 pages | PDF | 20 MB
The availability or lack of nutrients shapes ecosystems in fundamental ways. From forest productivity to soil fertility, from the diversity of animals to the composition of microbial communities, nutrient cycling and limitation are the basic mechanisms underlying ecosystem ecology. In this book, Peter Vitousek builds on over twenty years of research in Hawai’i to evaluate the controls and consequences of variation in nutrient availability and limitation.


Death by Diet The Relationship Between Nutrient Deficiency and Disease

Free Download Robert R. Barefoot, "Death by Diet: The Relationship Between Nutrient Deficiency and Disease"
English | 2002 | pages: 228 | ISBN: 0963370332 | PDF | 22,8 mb
Argues that mainstream medicine, along with the pharmaceutical industry, suppresses information on the effects of diet on health, and in particular the role of calcium and other minerals in preventing and treating diseases.