Susan Lynn, "The Optimistic Drunk’s Recovery Guide: A Grateful Alcoholic’s Tips for Getting-and Staying-Sober"
English | ISBN: 1647460980 | 2020 | 100 pages | EPUB | 776 KB
You know you’re a drunk. You feel helpless, hopeless, and alone. You’re tired of fighting.Hell, you’re just tired. So surrender.In recovery from addiction, surrender indicates the need for the addict to do three critical things:- Show up,- Own up, – Grow up.The Optimistic Drunk’s Recovery Guide helps those new to recovery to stay afloat in the unfamiliar, often choppy waters. It’s not a "cure-all." Rather, it’s a lifeline, here for you to grasp as you’re bobbing about with your life preserver. It will help you keep your head above water until you’re strong enough to swim on your own.Filled with personal triumphs and tragedies, heartbreak and hope, The Optimistic Drunk’s Recovery Guide is a brave little book that offers insight, help, and guidance to fellow drunks and junkies and the people who love them.Start your surrender today. You’re worth fighting for.