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Patriotism and Other Mistakes

Free Download George Kateb, "Patriotism and Other Mistakes"
English | 2006 | pages: 459 | ISBN: 0300120494, 030013634X | PDF | 1,9 mb
George Kateb has been one of the most respected and influential political theorists of the last quarter century. His work stands apart from that of many of his contemporaries and resists easy summary. In these essays Kateb often admonishes himself, in Socratic fashion, to keep political argument as far as possible negative: to be willing to assert what we are not, and what we will not do, and to build modestly from there some account of what we are and what we ought to do.


Origins of Nationality in South Asia Patriotism and Ethical Government in the Making of Modern India

Free Download Origins of Nationality in South Asia: Patriotism and Ethical Government in the Making of Modern India By Christopher Alan Bayly; C. A. Bayly
1998 | 338 Pages | ISBN: 0195644573 | PDF | 70 MB
This book considers the ideological and institutional antecedents of mature Indian nationalism. It argues that patriotism is a useful concept with which to understand India in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It includes essays on swadeshi, Indian resistance, and "communalism."


Divided by Terror American Patriotism after 911

Free Download John Bodnar, "Divided by Terror: American Patriotism after 9/11"
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1469662612 | PDF | pages: 319 | 19.8 mb
Americans responded to the deadly terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, with an outpouring of patriotism, though all were not united in their expression. A war-based patriotism inspired millions of Americans to wave the flag and support a brutal War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, while many other Americans demanded an empathic patriotism that would bear witness to the death and suffering surrounding the attack. Twenty years later, the war still simmers, and both forms of patriotism continue to shape historical understandings of 9/11’s legacy and the political life of the nation.