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Late Romance Anthony Hecht―A Poet’s Life

Free Download David Yezzi, "Late Romance: Anthony Hecht―A Poet’s Life"
English | ISBN: 1250016584 | 2023 | 480 pages | EPUB | 18 MB
Anthony Hecht (1923-2004) was one of America’s greatest poets, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and widely recognized as a master of formal verse that drew on wide-ranging cultural and literary sources, as well as Hecht’s experiences as a soldier during World War II, during which he fought in Germany and Czechoslovakia and helped to liberate the Flossenburg concentration camp.


Sonnets to Orpheus and Letters to a Young Poet

Free Download Rainer Maria Rilke, "Sonnets to Orpheus and Letters to a Young Poet"
English | 2012 | pages: 138 | ISBN: 0359819567, 0819551597 | EPUB | 0,4 mb
The fifty-five Sonnets to Orpheus were written by Rilke in February 1922, in less than two weeks. Their central themes are Orpheus and his song of praise; what is sung is "Dasein", "being- here", the presence in the world. Rilke considered as a betrayal of his poetry any translation that would not reproduce, together with his thinking, his internal movement, his rhythm, his rhymes, his music. The goal of the translator has been to make that orchestration "heard" as much as possible, to try and reproduce the structure, rhyme and rhythm, of Rilke’s Sonnets, in order for these translations to sound as echoes of the originals.


The Selected Letters of Katharine Tynan Poet and Novelist

Free Download Damian Atkinson, "The Selected Letters of Katharine Tynan: Poet and Novelist"
English | ISBN: 1443886955 | 2016 | 615 pages | PDF | 4 MB
A farmer s daughter, a convent girl, a lover of the Irish countryside, a poet, novelist and short story writer, a journalist, a friend of the English during war and peace, a fighter for justice, a Catholic, but able to see and decry the interference of religion in politics: this is in part Katharine Tynan Hinkson (1859 1931), usually known as Katharine Tynan, who lived in Ireland and England, and wrote through the turbulent times of Irish politics, suffrage, the Great War, and civil war in Ireland. Her background was rural Ireland, her father being a prosperous land-owning farmer. Educated locally and at a convent, she left aged fourteen and spent much time reading and enjoying the countryside, which became a foundation for her poetry and storytelling. She was aware of the politics of Ireland through her politically active father, and she joined the short-lived Ladies Land League in 1881 and was a fervent admirer of Charles Stewart Parnell. Her first major literary friendship was with her mentor, the Jesuit Father Matthew Russell, editor of the Irish Monthly, who published much of her work. He introduced Katharine to the Catholic literary couple Wilfrid and Alice Meynell in London in 1884, a visit which formed a deep love and admiration for Alice. The Meynells published much of her poetry in the Weekly Register and Merry England. Katharine made many visits to England and settled in England in 1893 after her marriage to Harry Hinkson, making it her home until returning to Ireland in 1912. After the Great War, she moved between England and Ireland, finally settling in London where she died. Katharine s life spanned Anglo-Irish politics, the suffrage movement, the Easter Rising of 1916, the Great War (her two sons served in the British Army) and its aftermath. Her letters cover these events and the friendships and correspondence with many literary persons, including George William Russell (A.E.), G. K. Chesterton, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Clement King Shorter, the writer Frank James Mathew and the novelist May Sinclair. An early friend of W. B. Yeats, she was seen as part of the Irish literary revival, although in a minor role. Throughout her life she suffered from very poor eyesight. She published five autobiographies, which, together with the letters, provide us with valuable insight into her life and times.


Percy Bysshe Shelley Poet and Revolutionary (Revolutionary Lives)

Free Download Jacqueline Mulhallen, "Percy Bysshe Shelley: Poet and Revolutionary (Revolutionary Lives)"
English | 2015 | pages: 193 | ISBN: 074533461X, 0745334628 | PDF | 9,0 mb
Today, Percy Bysshe Shelley is an emblem of the Romantic movement and one of the lights of English culture-his poems memorized by schoolchildren, his life honored with a memorial in Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner. That wasn’t always the case, however. In his own day, Shelley was widely loathed, seen as an immoral atheist and a traitor to his class for his revolutionary politics. His work was damned as well, receiving scathing reviews rooted as much in disapproval of his politics and personal life as in the verse itself. That’s the Shelley that Jacqueline Mulhallen brings to life in this accessible, political biography: the Shelley who, though writing when the working class was in its infancy, clearly grasped-and wanted to change-the system of oppression under which laborers and women lived. The revolutionary Shelley, Mulhallen shows, has long served as an inspiration to figures from Karl Marx to W. B. Yeats to the poets and writers of today, and for popular movements like the Chartists and the suffragettes, even as his public image and poetry became part of the establishment.


Shakespeare Poet and Citizen

Free Download Victor Kiernan, Michael Wood, "Shakespeare: Poet and Citizen"
English | 2016 | pages: 280 | ISBN: 1783606711, 1783607343 | EPUB | 1,1 mb
‘This book rests on a lifetime’s thinking about history. It helps us see Shakespeare in "a more realistic light".’


Waiting to Be Arrested at Night A Uyghur Poet’s Memoir of China’s Genocide [Audiobook]

Free Download Waiting to Be Arrested at Night: A Uyghur Poet’s Memoir of China’s Genocide (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BP57FCLX | 2023 | 7 hours and 40 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 224 MB
Author: Tahir Hamut Izgil
Narrator: Greg Watanabe

A poet’s account of one of the world’s most urgent humanitarian crises, and a harrowing tale of a family’s escape from genocide. One by one, Tahir Hamut Izgil’s friends disappeared. The Chinese government’s brutal persecution of the Uyghur people had continued for years, but in 2017 it assumed a terrifying new scale. The Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim minority group in western China, were experiencing an echo of the worst horrors of the twentieth century, amplified by China’s establishment of an all-seeing high-tech surveillance state. Over a million people have vanished into China’s internment camps for Muslim minorities. Tahir, a prominent poet and intellectual, had been no stranger to persecution.