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Programmer Passport Prolog (True PDF, EPUB)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1680509357 | 74 pages | True PDF EPUB | 9.41 MB
Constraint-based logic programming is the engine powering some of the most powerful algorithms in the world. Whether you’re building an airline schedule or planning routes for a trucking company, Prolog has the tools you need. You don’t have to struggle through thousands of pages of sample programs. This guide to Prolog will quickly ramp you up on the basic Prolog techniques you’ll need to solve the representative logical problems that Prolog is famous for.
Instead of working through dozens of fragmented code snippets written for different dialogs of Prolog, you can learn Prolog from a unified guide. You will start with the basics, defining the facts and inferences your programs will need to function. Then, you’ll learn the techniques to tie those facts together. You’ll finish off the basics by working through iconic problems like the map coloring problem. You’ll break into recursive solutions with the eight queens problem as you learn to explore logical problems requiring recursion and fixed dimensions.