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PV Ventura Harpoon Units of World War II

Free Download Tom Tullis, "PV Ventura: Harpoon Units of World War II"
English | 2002 | pages: 97 | ISBN: 1841763837 | PDF | 34,4 mb
Osprey’s examination of the PV Ventura/Harpoon Units and of their participation in World War II (1939-1945). A development of the successful Lockheed ‘medium twins’ of the late 1930s, the PV Ventura/Harpoon family of patrol bombers saw widespread service with both the US Navy/Marine Corps and the TAF and Commonwealth from October 1942 onwards. The USAAF also used surplus Venturas originally ordered by the RAF, designated B-34 Lexingtons, in the bomber training and coastal patrol roles. The final variant in this family was the larger PV-2 Harpoon, which was built to a US Navy requirement from March 1944 onwards. Used primarily in the Pacific, 470 Harpoons saw frontline service on anti-shipping and submarine patrols through to VJ-Day. This book covers each of these variants in complete illustrated detail.


PV Technology and Manufacturing

Free Download PV Technology and Manufacturing
English | 2023 | ISBN: 3031313488 | 185 Pages | PDF (True) | 11 MB
This book discusses the manufacturing processes of photovoltaic solar cells, from conventional silicon cells, to thin-film technologies and ending with the cutting-edge technologies of third-generation photovoltaics. The rapid advances in photovoltaic technologies are propelled by the discovery of new materials through innovative routes of synthesis and deposition. For example, the exponential enhancement in efficiencies of perovskite solar cells between years 2015 and 2020 is a direct result of the availability of new materials to capitalize on innovative manufacturing techniques. Currently, efficiencies of up to 25.5% are achieved by perovskite solar cells technologies.