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Hercules’ Sanctuary in the Quarter of St Theodore, Pula

Free Download Hercules’ Sanctuary in the Quarter of St Theodore, Pula By Alka Starac
2018 | 125 Pages | ISBN: 1784918733 | PDF | 10 MB
Hercules’ Sanctuary in the Quarter of St. Theodore in Pula’ deals with many aspects of the Roman sanctuary erected at the spring in Pula as well as with objects of cult dated to the Hellenistic period. The site was in use from the late fourth century BC to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, a date that approximately coincides with the demolition of the temple. Research focuses on Roman foundations which trace the ground plan of the temple that was surrounded by portico. Architectural fragments found at the site, as well as those kept in the collection of Pula Museum, were used to form proposals for a hypothetical reconstruction of the temple. The discovery of a relief club is the only reliable link with a particular deity i.e. Hercules. The continuity of the cult of Hercules has been recognised at the spring from the Histrian to Roman periods. Hercules was considered a founder and patron of the Roman colony of Pola. Nearness of the assumed umbilicus of the colony offers additional reasons to reconsider sacred rituals of the foundation of the colony. Traces of ritual desacralization, purification and storing of sacrificial remnants could be recognised at the site. A hypothetical reconstruction of the Roman sanctuary is followed by calculations of construction costs.


London’s Docklands A History of the Lost Quarter, UK Edition

Free Download London’s Docklands: A History of the Lost Quarter, UK Edition by Fiona Rule
English | January 28th, 2019 | ISBN: 075098998X | 384 pages | True EPUB | 0.98 MB
Do you remember the docks? In its heyday, the Port of London was the biggest in the world. It was a sprawling network of quays, wharves, canals and basins, providing employment for over 100,000 people.