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The Communication Code Unlock Every Relationship, One Conversation At A Time [Audiobook]

Free Download Jeremie Kubicek, Steve Cockram, Michael Langan (Narrator), "The Communication Code: Unlock Every Relationship, One Conversation At A Time"
English | ASIN: B0CSGWMJMK | 2024 | MP3@64 kbps | ~04:42:00 | 133 MB
Provides a proven series of skills and techniques that anyone can use to make their relationships thrive
In this real-world guide, bestselling authors and international speakers Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram share their simple but powerful strategies for boosting your emotional intelligence and elevating your interpersonal communication skills. Step by step, you will learn to integrate Care, Celebration, Collaboration, Critique, and Clarification into your communication toolbox. Using one of these 5 Cs, you can verbally ask someone to respond in the way that you most want, and as a result, facilitate a successful interaction.


The Decisions to Open a Relationship To Three or Not to Three

Free Download The Decisions to Open a Relationship: To Three or Not to Three by James K. Beggan
English | September 19, 2023 | ISBN: 1666939951 | 230 pages | PDF | 1.83 Mb
The unique contribution of The Decisions to Open a Relationship: To Three or Not to Three is how James K. Beggan considers the social and psychological processes involved in how someone makes the decision to transition from a monogamous to a consensually nonmonogamous relationship. Informed by extensive research drawn from sociology, psychology, and the decision-making literature, Beggan provides a comprehensive analysis of processes associated with expressing the desire to open a previously closed romantic relationship, with special emphasis on the unique dynamics of the triad. His analysis provides valuable insights into managing jealousy, maintaining trust, and establishing healthy boundaries. He examines moral issues associated with breaking the promise of a monogamous relationship to satisfy goals related to personal growth. The book addresses issues related to intersectionality that involve sexual orientation, gender identity, and race.


Pathways to Possibility Transforming Our Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World

Free Download Rosamund Stone Zander, "Pathways to Possibility: Transforming Our Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World"
English | 2017 | pages: 272 | ISBN: 0143110543, 0143110543, ASIN: B01G7QTMSQ | EPUB | 0,5 mb
The best-selling author of The Art of Possibility returns with a new vision for achieving true human fulfillmentthat’s sure to appeal tofans ofBrene Brown’s Daring Greatly and Elizabeth Gilbert’sBig Magic.


Secure Love Create a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime [Audiobook]

Free Download Secure Love: Create a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C94WMTPS | 2024 | 10 hours and 27 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 302 MB
Author: Julie Menanno
Narrator: Julie Menanno

Create a lasting and loving attachment with the help of the expert couple’s therapist behind the popular Instagram account @TheSecureRelationship. What does a healthy relationship look like? A good question, in theory, but expert couple’s therapist Julie Menanno wants you to consider: what does a securely attached relationship feel like? The answer to this question is the ultimate goal in Secure Love, a groundbreaking guide to understanding secure attachment in adult relationships. While attachment theory has grown in popularity to explain the relationship between children and their caregivers, it’s also the closest science has come to making sense of our adult romantic connections. Secure Love is a crash course in understanding how you show up in a relationship and how to get out of negative cycles. Menanno teaches you how to establish a secure attachment with your partner to create the bond you’ve been longing for.


Relationship Magic Waking Up Together [Audiobook]

Free Download Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B07HR12591 | 2018 | 7 hours and 51 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 225 MB
Author: Guy Finley
Narrator: Guy Finley

In Relationship Magic, renowned spiritual teacher Guy Finley shares key insights and lessons for building a beautiful, enduring relationship with the one you love…and better relationships with everyone you know. Learn how to use your differences to become more loving and kind with one another. Discover how to bring arguments to a dead stop, while deepening the bond between you and your partner at the same time. Break old patterns that are keeping you stuck, and learn to love your partner fully – without the fear of loss – in spite of painful relationships in the past. With hands-on exercises to help individuals and couples put this brilliant material into practice right away, this book will help you heal your core wounds and make your relationships thrive again.


There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship Two Lessons on Lacan

Free Download Alain Badiou, "There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship: Two Lessons on Lacan "
English | ISBN: 0231157959 | 2017 | 136 pages | EPUB | 204 KB
Published in 1973, "L’Etourdit" was one of the French philosopher Jacques Lacan’s most important works. The book posed questions that traversed the entire body of Lacan’s psychoanalytical explorations, including his famous idea that "there is no such thing as a sexual relationship," which seeks to undermine our certainties about intimacy and reality.


The Four Relationship Styles How Attachment Theory Can Help You in Your Search for Lasting Love [Audiobook]

Free Download The Four Relationship Styles: How Attachment Theory Can Help You in Your Search for Lasting Love (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CQKJJXYB | 2024 | 6 hours and 11 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 338 MB
Author: Dr. Anita Knight Kuhnley
Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman

Whether we know it or not, relationship styles cause some people to naturally thrive in relationships and others to struggle. According to attachment theory, we tend to experience love in predictable ways-some of which are healthy and some of which are not-based on our style and that of our partner. The good news is, whatever relationship style you have naturally, you’re not stuck with it! Using the strategies found in this book, you can identify your relationship style (and your partner’s); understand the strengths and challenges of that style; overcome feelings of rejection and failed relationships; recognize the patterns and behaviors that are affecting your relationships; and develop better ways to express and receive love. If you’ve been caught in a cycle of unsatisfying relationships, discover how attachment theory can help you take the guesswork out of understanding why people behave the way they do-especially in times of stress-so you can find and sustain a love that lasts.


Muse Cicely Tyson and Me A Relationship Forged in Fashion [Audiobook]

Free Download Muse: Cicely Tyson and Me: A Relationship Forged in Fashion (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C4C2YZQM | 2024 | 4 hours and 5 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 227 MB
Author: B Michael
Narrator: B Michael, Leon Nixon

A poignant and glorious memoir that pays homage to the lifelong friendship between the legendary Cicely Tyson and acclaimed fashion designer B Michael, who worked with her to make her gorgeous through her last bow. What greater act of friendship is there than making someone dear look and feel their most beautiful and powerful? That was the priceless gift acclaimed designer B Michael gave to one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, Cicely Tyson over the course of their close, decades-long relationship. In this glorious memoir, B Michael recalls the bond they shared and what it was like to dress the Queen of Hollywood for all the extraordinary events of her life.