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Political Repression Courts and the Law

Free Download Political Repression: Courts and the Law By Linda Camp Keith
2011 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 0812243811 | PDF | 4 MB
This book examines why states make formal commitments to rights provisions and to judicial independence and what effect these commitments have on actual state behavior, especially political repression.


Repression, Resistance and Collaboration in Stalinist Romania 1944-1964 Post-communist Remembering

Free Download Monica Ciobanu, "Repression, Resistance and Collaboration in Stalinist Romania 1944-1964: Post-communist Remembering "
English | ISBN: 0367553279 | 2022 | 242 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
This book examines how the process of remembering Stalinist repression in Romania has shifted from individual, family, and group representations of lived and witnessed experiences characteristic of the 1990s to more recent and state-sponsored expressions of historical remembrance through their incorporation in official commemorations, propaganda sites, and restorative and compensatory measures. Based on fieldwork dealing with Stalinist repression and memorialization, together with archival research on the secret police (Securitate), it adopts an interdisciplinary approach to reveal the resurfacing of particular themes. As such it draws on concepts from sociology, political science, and legal studies, related to memory, justice, redress, identity, accountability, and reconciliation. A study of competing narratives concerning the meaning of the past as part of a struggle over the legitimacy of the post-communist state,