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Study on Quality of Life of Chinese Residents with Social Change

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English | 2023 | ISBN: 9819922208 | 269 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 3 MB
This book makes a systematic empirical analysis of the quality of life of Chinese residents from the perspective of social change, expounds the connotation, theory, elements, and research methodology of the quality of life, and focuses on the diachronic dynamic analysis of the multidimensional elements of the quality of life from the perspective of life course and life cycle. According to the research content, the book is divided into three topics. The first topic, from the first chapter to the third chapter, mainly focuses on the quality of life research and theoretical evolution, providing theoretical guidance for the empirical analysis of the book and scientific significance for the study of the quality of life in social change. The second project, from Chapter 4 to Chapter 7, focuses on the influence factors of quality of life of a Chinese resident, structure composition, and the relationship between the related factors to conduct empirical research, the purpose is to more clearly understand the present status of life quality in the Chinese culture, for the further scientific research was related to quality of life to provide the basic framework. The third topic, from Chapter 8 to Chapter 13, focuses on empirical analysis of the changes and development of subjective and objective quality of life of Chinese residents.