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Two Skis and a Rifle An Introduction to Biathlon

Free Download Michael Nordvall, "Two Skis and a Rifle: An Introduction to Biathlon"
English | 2020 | ISBN: 1393231349 | EPUB | pages: 180 | 3.6 mb
This revised and updated first edition of Two Skis and a Rifle introduces the reader to biathlon, the Winter Olympic endeavor that simultaneously combines precision rifle marksmanship under the duress of cross-country (Nordic) skiing. With roots in Norwegian and global military history, the sport has blossomed from high latitude training exercises into a modern annual World Cup season. Novice and dedicated fans alike will discover technical details on and athlete accounts of travelling to and navigating around typical venues, physical requirements of training and competing, team and athlete race preparation, rifle construction and marksmanship, ski fabrication and technique, and the diversity of competitions and rules governing the sport, not least of which are efforts to control doping. There is a decidedly American slant to the writing which the author humbly hopes will generate wider interest and understanding of biathlon in the United States. In fact, the United States recently has had great success on the World Cup circuit, placing athletes in the medals at the yearly World Championships, the single most important event in the sport other than the Winter Olympic Games. There is no better time than now to become acquainted with this most popular European spectacle.


The Barrett Rifle Sniping and anti-materiel rifles in the War on Terror

Free Download Johnny Shumate, Alan Gilliland, "The Barrett Rifle: Sniping and anti-materiel rifles in the War on Terror"
English | 2016 | pages: 106 | ISBN: 1472811011 | PDF | 13,8 mb
The Barrett M82A1 and its derivatives are among the most successful sniping rifles ever manufactured. Now entering its fourth decade of service, the short-recoil, semi-automatic system is capable of firing a devastating .50-caliber round with lethal accuracy over distances of more than 2 kilometers. Unconfirmed reports from Afghanistan in 2012 accredit the Barrett with one of history’s longest ever kills at 2,815 meters. This is the technical history of a rifle initially developed as a sporting firearm, but which evolved into a long-range sniping rifle and a formidable military anti-materiel tool, designed to neutralize everything from enemy vehicles to parked aircraft. Adopted by snipers across the world, the Barrett rifles have seen active service in Operation Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan and have become an important addition to police, armed services, and Special Forces units alike.


The Rifle 2 Back to the Battlefield [Audiobook]

Free Download The Rifle 2: Back to the Battlefield (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CJ3TBC7H | 2023 | 9 hours and 4 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 265 MB
Author: Andrew Biggio
Narrator: Shawn Compton

They are called the Greatest Generation, but they were also ordinary men, responding to the call of duty. These are their unforgettable stories-first-person accounts from the last of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who fought the most dreadful war in history, all collected by a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea was simple: travel across the country with a 1945 M1 Garand, the basic U.S. fighting rifle of World War II, ask combat veterans of that war to sign it, and listen carefully as the rifle evoke a flood of memories and emotions. Andrew Biggio once again reveals the astonishing effect his M1 Garand had on the old warriors who held it.


How to Operate Your Rifle Like a Pro U.S. Army Official Manual, With Demonstrative Images

Free Download How to Operate Your Rifle Like a Pro: U.S. Army Official Manual, With Demonstrative Images by U.S. Department of Defense
English | Mar. 23, 2023 | ISBN: 8028296513 | eISBN: 9788028296513 | 295 Pages | EPUB | 14 MB
This illustrated e-book is meticulously edited and formatted to the highest digital standard. It provides detailed and clear guidance for the training on the 5.56-mm M16-rifle series (M16A1/A2/A3/A4) and M4 carbine.


The History Of The Rifle Brigade, The Prince Consort’s Own Formerly The 95th

Free Download William Henry Cope, "The History Of The Rifle Brigade, The Prince Consort’s Own: Formerly The 95th"
English | 2010 | ISBN: 1166337723 | EPUB | pages: 604 | 1.3 mb
In this book, originally published in 1877, late lieutenant William Henry Cope recounts the trials and tribulations of the Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort’s Own) in which he served. An infantry rifle regiment of the British Army that was formed in Jan. 1800 as the "Experimental Corps of Riflemen" to provide sharpshooters, scouts and skirmishers (soon renamed the "Rifle Corps"). In 1816, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, they were again renamed, this time as the "Rifle Brigade". The unit was distinguished by its use of green uniforms as standard in place of the traditional redcoat, as well as being armed with the first British-made rifle accepted by the British Army, in place of smoothbore muskets. Cope carries his narrative on through the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny and postings to the far-flung corners of the British Empire to 1870.