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Rain on a Distant Roof A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada

Free Download Vanessa Farnsworth, "Rain on a Distant Roof: A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada"
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1927426235 | EPUB | pages: 320 | 3.2 mb
Rain on a Distant Roof takes readers inside the frightening but fascinating world of Lyme disease in Canada. This is the story of one woman’s struggle to understand the disease that’s destroying her body and mind. Armed with a confusing diagnosis, a baffling array of symptoms, and a body that’s filled with diabolical bacteria, she sets out to unravel the mysteries of her malady. Along the way, she discovers challenges in properly diagnosing and treating the illness, deficits in medical testing, conflicts among medical guidelines, and a public health response that is, at best, problematic. She also discovers the bizarrely intelligent bacteria at the bottom of it all, an organism so complex and perplexing that more than 30 years after it was first discovered, researchers are still having trouble nailing it down.


Creating Roof Tiles in Substance Designer

Free Download Creating Roof Tiles in Substance Designer
Daniel Thiger | Duration: 2:09 h | Video: H264 1920×1080 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 2,98 GB | Language: English
In this Levelup.Digital tutorial, Daniel Thiger shares his techniques for creating a roof tile material inside Substance Designer. He uses new nodes introduced in Substance Designer 2019.1, and puts them to use in this project. Learn his process from start to finish in this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial.
Daniel begins by breaking down his references, and jumps right into the creation process starting by creating a roof tile. Discover how to add details such as cracks and surface damage, and apply color and roughness to your project.
Whether you are new to Substance Designer, or a seasoned user, the lessons from this tutorial will enable you to make any type of roof tile.