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Blender Techniques Crafting Diverse Scenes in One Environment Chapter 6

Free Download Blender Techniques: Crafting Diverse Scenes in One Environment Chapter 6.
File Name:Blender Techniques: Crafting Diverse Scenes in One Environment Chapter 6
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In this class, you will learn step-by-step how to create this exact scene from scratch. But why stop there when you can create multiple scenes from that same environment for compelling visual storytelling?


Speech Act Theory and Shakespeare Scenes of Thanking in Shakespeare’s Plays

Free Download Chahra Beloufa, "Speech Act Theory and Shakespeare: Scenes of Thanking in Shakespeare’s Plays "
English | ISBN: 1032727144 | 2024 | 216 pages | EPUB, PDF | 955 KB + 26 MB
Speech Act Theory and Shakespeare delves deeper than linguistic ornamentation to illuminate the complex dynamics of thanking as a significant speech act in Shakespearean plays. The word "thanks" appears nearly 400 times in 37 Shakespearean plays, calling for a careful investigation of its veracity as a speech act in the 16th-century setting. This volume combines linguistic analysis to explore the various uses of thanks, focusing on key thanking scenes across a spectrum of plays, including All’s Well That Ends Well, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Timon of Athens, The Winter’s Tale, and the Henriad. Shakespeare’s works indicate the act of thanking to be more than a normal part of dialogue; it is an artistic expression fraught with pitfalls similar to those of negative speech acts. The study aims to determine what compels the characters in Shakespeare to offer thanks and evaluates Shakespeare’s accomplishment in imbuing the word "thanks" with performance quality in the theatrical sphere.


Subculture Vulture A Memoir in Six Scenes [Audiobook]

Free Download Subculture Vulture: A Memoir in Six Scenes (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C4BTR6RM | 2024 | 11 hours and 14 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 332 MB
Author: Moshe Kasher
Narrator: Moshe Kasher, Larry Wilson

A "hilarious" (Dax Shepard), "surprisingly emotional trip" (The Chainsmokers) through deep American subcultures ranging from Burning Man to Alcoholics Anonymous, by the writer and comedian Moshe Kasher. After bottoming out, being institutionalized, and getting sober all by the tender age of fifteen, Moshe Kasher found himself asking: "What’s next?"Over the ensuing decades, he discovered the answer: a lot. There was his time as a boy-king of Alcoholics Anonymous, a kind of pubescent proselytizer for other teens getting and staying sober. He was a rave promoter turned DJ turned sober ecstasy dealer in San Francisco’s techno warehouse party scene of the 1990s. For fifteen years he worked as a psychedelic security guard at Burning Man, fishing hippies out of hidden chambers they’d constructed to try to sneak into the event.


Strange Enemies Indigenous Agency and Scenes of Encounters in Amazonia

Free Download Strange Enemies: Indigenous Agency and Scenes of Encounters in Amazonia By Aparecida Vilaça
2010 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 0822345560 | PDF | 4 MB
In 1956, in the Brazilian state of Rondonia, near the border with Bolivia, a group of Wari’ Indians experienced their first peaceful contact with whites: Protestant missionaries and agents from the national government’s Indian Protection Service. On returning to their villages, the Wari’ announced, ‘We touched their bodies!’ The whites reported to their people that ‘The region’s most warlike tribe has entered the pacification phase!’ First published in Brazil, "Strange Enemies" is a vivid ethnography describing the first encounters between two groups with radically different worldviews. "Aparecida Vilaca" focuses on the process of pacification conducted by Brazilian government agents, U.S. Protestant missionaries, and representatives of the Catholic Church between 1956 and 1969. During the 1940s and 1950s, white rubber-tappers interested in Wari’ lands raided their villages, shooting and killing sleeping victims. Those massacres prompted the Wari’ to initiate a period of intense retaliatory warfare. The national government and religious organizations stepped in, seeking to pacify the Indians. Vilaca was able to interview both Wari’ and non-Wari’ people who participated in these events. She reproduces many Wari’ testimonies in "Strange Enemies". Drawing on those interviews and an analysis of tribal myths, Vilaca describes Wari’ conceptions of self and other. The Wari’ categorize others as strangers and enemies. White people are enemies. In the past, enemies could be killed in acts of warfare. In the present day, violent encounters are rare and life in close proximity with enemies is common. Vilaca provides a subtle analysis of what it means for the Wari’ to live with enemies when warfare is no longer an option. With "Strange Enemies", she makes a major contribution to the ethnographic record on Amazonia and the understanding of the present-day situation of indigenous people.


Scenes of Attention Essays on Mind, Time, and the Senses

Free Download D. Graham Burnett, "Scenes of Attention: Essays on Mind, Time, and the Senses"
English | ISBN: 023121118X | 2023 | 376 pages | PDF | 16 MB
Are we paying enough attention? At least since the nineteenth century, critics have alleged a widespread and profound failure of attentiveness―to others, to ourselves, to the world around us, to what is truly worthy of focus. Why is there such great anxiety over attention? What is at stake in understanding attention and the challenges it faces?


Scenes from the Fashionable World

Free Download Kennedy Fraser, "Scenes from the Fashionable World"
English | 1987 | ISBN: 0394554833 | EPUB | pages: 204 | 1.8 mb
The author examines the people and events of international fashion and reveals the alluring and disturbing elements in this celebrated environment